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Free Comic Book Day!!

Today was Free Comic Book Day!!! This being the first time I’ve ever heard of this day, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. SM and I had talked and she had mentioned being at the comic store early (mind…at her comic store….and me at mine. There’s a good 1,000 miles between those two locations…). Things typically got crazy. So I did. Got there 45 minutes early, and no one was there. So I ran to a nearby food place and grabbed breakfast, came back, and ate in my car in the parking lot. By then, about three people had lined up, so I joined them. Stood outside for maybe 20 minutes talking about different characters and movies (upcoming to long ago released) before the doors opened.

By this point, I think we might have had 20 people in line…not nearly as bad as I thought it could be, and it didn’t take all that long to get to the free comics, pick out the five that I wanted (we were all limited to 5 per person) and get out of the way of the crowd (which had somehow swelled while I was picking out comics). There was a bit of a line at the register by this point, so I decided to wander around the store a bit and see if there was anything else to pick up. Probably a bad decision – by the time I got back, the line had grown to 4x the size. Oops 😛

Anywho, I also spent some time talking with a local artist who was at the store (my shop invited a few local comic artists to do character drawings that you paid $10 for and that money was donated to the Hero Initiative – I thought that was pretty cool) and looking through his work. I’ve always admired artists, mostly because I am so art challenged I can’t draw a stick figure correctly. It’s always interesting to watch people work who know what they’re doing! It was a fun hour or so that I spent there, talking to people, entering a raffle, and just generally looking at everything – but I had to turn around and run early because I had other things to do (and a D&D game to get to in a bit…) But I did want to share what I picked up:

  • Infinity – Yes, another Marvel event, but I thought I would at least find out what this one was about!
  • Superman – Just because…it is Superman…
  • Aphrodite IX – the premise sounded interesting.
  • The Steam Engines of Oz – Really…steampunk and Oz together? Sign me up!
  • Chakra: The Invincible – It’s a Stan Lee comic, it was worth at least trying!

I’ll give opinions about them either with the Monday opinions, or sometime next week 🙂 Right now, must get myself into the mindset of a rather clumsy Dark-Elf Thief.

I hope everyone is having fun at their respective comic shops. And if you haven’t been yet, GO!!! NOW!!!

May the Fourth Be With You All!!

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