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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Secret Six TPB #1

Picked this one up for class, but I was kind of excited to read a book by Gail Simone – I’ve heard a lot about her since I started reading comic books. I was really expecting a lot. That probably did not help me out, honestly. Also what didn’t help was not knowing the vast majority of these characters. I’m pretty sure the only character I recognized right away was Batman! I spent the first three or four issues just working out who was who and what each person could do. It was a lot of characters to learn! I was having a really hard time reading until I got the characters down. After that, I got sucked into the storyline – it was pretty interesting! Oh well…since this is pre-New 52, I’m not thinking I’ll be reading any more (I’ve heard that anything pre-New 52 is kind of hard to get your hands on) but it was certainly interesting and I would definitely search out more by Gail Simone!

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

I’m going to be really harsh on series this week, guys, because I’m working on figuring out just what series I want to keep reading, and which ones I am not interested in continuing. You’re going to see a lot of drops in this post and on Monday’s post as I figure out just what series I want to keep reading.

Superman: Birthright

I really enjoyed this story, although I don’t know a whole lot about the title character. I’ve never read a Superman story before. I have seen a movie here and there (not quite sure which ones…) and I saw the odd episode of Smallville, but that’s all the exposure I’ve ever had to the Man of Steel. Like with every other, this got bonus points just for being an origin story (because I LOVE origin stories!), but it was also told really well. I feel like the storytelling was pretty spot on, and pretty in line with a basic storyline concept that I’ve been brought up with: You start off with how life typically is (i.e. Clark trying to hide who he is but can’t stop himself from trying to help people at the very beginning), then one day something changes (i.e. he decides to stop trying to hide who he is). Because of that, these things happen (moves to Metropolis, gets a job at Daily Planet, meets Lois and Lex) which cause something else to happen (Lex attacking Superman’s character and launching the attack on Metropolis) and finally ends with this (Superman saving the city and redeeming himself). It’s classic storytelling, but the details and the character interactions make it an interesting read. The history behind Lex and Clark would be really interesting to read more about, and I would love to see how this dynamic ends up playing out as they move from this point in the story. I was also really enjoying what we got of Lois. I would be interested in reading more about her! Superman, himself…I’m just not sure. There’s nothing wrong with him…I just don’t really find him all that interesting on his own. Still, this story is well worth the read!

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Continuing with the mini-opinions, which will hopefully be scheduled for Friday and Monday from now on. Plenty of new issues this week, plus a few new series I picked up and others that have been waiting for me to find some time. I’m hoping to get through as many as I can!!

Nova #2

I enjoyed this issue! It was a bit of a filler issue in that we really didn’t meet anyone new (unless you count the very end…) but we did establish that Sam has figured out the helmet and suit and kind of knows how to operate it. We also establish that something went rather wrong with whatever his father was doing, which is why he now has the helmet, and why Rocket Raccoon and Gamora came to him in the first place. I’m kind of curious about the panel with the mother looking out the window…think she knows more than she’s letting on? I wish we had run a little more with the story, but I still liked it overall.

Final Opinion: Solid

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Bit by Bit (Avengers #7)

Avengers 7

And just when you think you might get to the main plot, you get…more set-up. Come on Hickman…you’re killing me here!! It feels like we’re leading up to something amazing…but the leading up part is taking so long!

I spent quite a lot of time on Wikipedia looking at the various universes of the Marvel multiverse, trying to see if any of the universe/station numbers at the very beginning of the story corresponded to a known universe. Other than 616, I didn’t see any. I’m really curious about the only other universe that looks like they might have gotten a signal out, so they may have also had their own white event, Universe 3281809. I can’t find any mention of it anywhere, so it’s probably not a universe that has been visited before.

Did anyone else notice that, at the beginning of the white event, the little panel with Hawkeye and Thor  shielding their eyes and looking up, it’s almost the same as a panel from the very first issue, which means this is probably a rather pivotal event (if you hadn’t already figured that out…). Also kind makes it seem like a countdown, because there were two other panels in that first issue that all seemed to follow one another, which can only mean the second one is coming up at some point…not sure if I’m looking forward to that, or I’m dreading it…

I was really intrigued by the little montage that led us to our Starbrand – the little moment on campus that all had him in the picture somewhere…I know I’m guilty for not noticing him in two of the pages, and even in the ones that I did, I didn’t realize it was the same person. It was done well, though I feel really sorry for him. Really sorry and really scared of him…because the fact that he has been ignored and can now destroy a world cannot be a good thing…

Artwork wise, we changed artists again. I’m sure this is going to be really common, especially for a title thats released twice a month. This specific team I liked, though. I though the art and the colors were wonderful. It looks like we keep them for at least the next issue as well, which gives me yet another reason to look forward to that one!

Overall, I enjoyed this issue…but the series as a whole just has me going crazy! I want more…and I want to understand what is happening! And so far, all we’ve had are little clues and random events that seem connected but its hard to figure out how or why all of this is happening. I’ve got guesses, but nothing concrete. If Hickman was trying to drive his readers insane, he’s doing an amazing job of it!

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Introducing The New Gang (Avengers #5 and #6)

This is the last of the Avengers for a while! I’m finally caught up with all the series that I had a large backlog to get through!! Whew! Almost done with everything from the first week too, so hopefully I can start getting to new stuff in the next day or so!

Avengers 5

Avengers #5: Its starting to look like we’re going to be diving into the backstory of some of the new members of the Avengers over the next few comics. Though if they all come out like this, I’m not sure that I mind. This issue focused on Smasher, a character that I had absolutely no knowledge of prior to this, but I think I like her. It was a really cute story about a girl who loved the stars getting to go into space and become, initially, a subguardian, and then a superguardian. You also learned that she has some sort of legacy when it comes to superheros – her grandfather is somehow connected with Captain America (would anyone like to enlighten me as to how?)

In terms of the main storyline, there isn’t much. We see that Stark is working on translating what Adam (who his now calling himself Blackveil) is saying. The most interesting part was the very end, when they were trying to find out why the Empire was attacked, only to realize their attackers were not trying to invade. They were running from someone…no, that’s not ominous at all! Definitely curious to see if this thread gets picked up and where it might lead.

Avengers 6


Avengers #6: This issue focuses on Captain Universe and the woman who was taken as host, Tamara Devoux. Honestly, though, that wasn’t the interesting part of the issue. While it was nice to learn exactly what she was, and parts of the reason why the Universe decided to take her as a host (going into Light, both of them dying – anyone else seeing New Avengers connections to that statement?), it felt a little flat, and I was really reading through that to get to the other parts of the issue.

The little side-story involved Ock/Spiderman taking food from Sunspot and/or Cannon Ball (I’m not quite sure which one is which at the moment…they tend to travel as a pair…). There’s a bit of an argument, where Ock doesn’t seem to be even remotely trying act like Peter, and then we head out to Stark, who is still working with Adam/Blackveil, trying to get a translation program down so they can understand him. But he doesn’t seem to be having any luck. They are then joined by Captain Universe, who can not only understand Adam/Blackveil, but can speak back to him. She shows Stark where he went wrong with his translation, then somehow makes it so that Adam (who’s actually been calling himself Nightmask all this time…) can speak in English. I’m not sure I like Captain Universe all that much in terms of storytelling…she just seems to jump in and fix things without any real explanation…just a snap of fingers or a few choice words, and everything is okay….like a perpetual Deux Ex Machina character.

Anywho, Adam/Nightmask’s first words to the group are ominous enough – there is a “White Event” that is coming – but at the same time, the sky changes colors, and there is something streaking toward earth. Oh yes…very ominous!

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And The Hints Continue…(Avengers #3 and #4)

Avengers 3

Avengers #3: And so ends our stint on Mars – Cap brings the new team of Avengers to Mars to rescue the original team that was stuck on Mars, with the help of a little Deux Ex Machina action by Captain Universe (though I guess it’s not really out of nowhere…she is an established character…just not one I know well)

I feel like what I read in the last three issues is like a prologue. We’re doing a lot of set-up and quick introduction of all of these additional characters, but we haven’t been given much of a view of the main story just yet. And I’m just eager to figure out what the main story line is going to be. I mean, I know that in the very first Issue, they had a quick panel of Ex Nihilo terra-forming Mars, which may be where this is leading. It was only one of a few things the first issue alluded to in terms of things that would be happening eventually (as far as I could tell at least)

I like the issue well enough. I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed the Mars trio all that much, but it was a good set-up to explain the premise and everything else that was going on. I’m just hoping that, after this, we start to get into more of the main storyline!

Avengers 4


Avengers #4: We really have a clean-up job ahead of us, don’t we? The six (seven?) origin bombs that Ex Nihilo sent down seem to be half of the focus of this issue. We’ve got five of the sites found and contained (as well as these things can be contained, I suppose. They don’t look that contain-able) and, in the course of the first few pages, find a sixth site in the Savage Lands (can someone please explain the Savage Lands to me? Its shown up in two different comics so far, and I’m not quite sure what it is. As far as I can tell, its a weird little section of land that may or may not contain dinosaurs). A subest of the group heads out that way to contain that site, and they run into a group of scientist from A.I.M (another group that seems to span from series to series…) who have, for some crazy reason, decided to extract some material from the pods in these infected areas and inject them into someone. That someone dies, then sprouts tentacles that start attacking the group.

The storyline above was interesting enough, but the part that I really enjoyed was the focus of the other half of this issue – a history of Hyperion. Maybe this is something other people would know if you’ve been reading for a while (I’m not certain how prominent he was prior to this) but I really enjoyed the history lesson. It endears you to the character just a little more, so he’s not just a face who’s name I don’t know.

Of course, the most exciting part of this story for me was the connection to New Avengers – Hyperion is from a different universe, one where his earth and another earth collided, destroying both universes. And the he was pulled from nothingness to the univers that this story is taking place in. If you hadn’t read New Avengers, this section probably wouldn’t mean much…but after reading it, it kind of sends chills down your spine. We’re getting little snippets of what’s going on…tiny little morsels that are thrown out in an attempt to satisfy you, but it only makes you want more. And I am hooked. Really, that’s all it takes 🙂

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And Now…What You’ve All Been Waiting For…(Avengers #1 and #2)

Well, at least it’s what I’ve been waiting for! Avengers was one of the main series I wanted to pick up from the get-go. Unfortunately, my comic store was out of issue #1, and the only restocked last Wednesday. So I finally got to read the series that I had been wanted to pick up from the beginning!

Avengers 1

Avengers #1 – Interesting way to start a new comic, with so much foreshadowing I’m not sure which piece to look at first. There was talk of wars and falls and dying moons…I’m not sure if any of this was supposed to have happened in the past, or something that we’re supposed to be looking forward to. It’s hard to tell. But I liked the initial exchange between Stark and Rogers and their whole idea of getting bigger, though there were other things happening in that exchange that were a lot more interesting…and I’ll get to those later.

Then, we rather suddenly jump forward a month and suddenly we’re on Mars with a rather strange trio of characters that are throwing…mini terraforming blob things…down to earth in order to remake it. Not quite sure why…and not quite sure why the robotic one seems more interested in destroying the world instead. Anywho, a blob is hurled at earth, and I guess the Avengers were waiting for it because they appear and destroy it before it reaches earth. Then they land on Mars and have a really quick battle which ends in everyone beaten except for Hulk, who’s been enchanted to follow the trio instead. Then Cap is sent back to earth and puts out a call to the others that Tony and Steve had been talking about earlier.

Is it bad to say I only recognized about three of the eight or nine characters that appeared on the final page? The rest are a complete mystery to me…which could make this series interesting…

Anywho, I was all ready to say that this was really a so-so opening when I reread it and realized something:

In that initial opening exchange between Tony and Steve, when Tony wakes Steve up, Tony asks if Steve was having a bad dream. Cut to a panel where there are four people in a black room standing above our Point of View, two of which are Reed Richards and Black Panther. The scene is eerily familiar to anyone who’s read New Avengers #3, becuase that’s about how that issue ends.

Now, of course, I can’t know this for sure. There’s certainly no other evidence of a connection and I’ve only heard whispers that these two series are related, so I don’t have a lot to go on here, but lets suspend disbelief for a moment and just assume that’s true. Which means the beginning of Avengers #1 happens sometime after New Avengers #3. Cap’s memory has been wiped, but apparently there’s enough left that he still sees the scene in his dream. My guess is that this would be pretty soon after the end of New Avengers #3, maybe even the evening after. That would help to explain why Tony can’t sleep, given what else is on his mind. And, given what they’ve all just been through, expansion would actually be a good idea, cause who knows when the world is going to try and come to an end again and he may need to be gone?

Of course, who knows if any of the above is true. I certainly don’t. But the possibility is enough that I want to keep reading, just to see if there is something to that silly extra panel!

Avengers 2


This issue was ALL about background…seriously. What little we saw of the present was really just a catalyst to throw us into another flashback. We got the background of the Trio on Mars (Ex Nihilo, Abyss, and Aleph) pretty much directly followed by the background of what Tony and Steve did to get this team together, their thought process, how they got people to sign on. Then, in the last few pages, we got the team in the present, abandoning the Quinjet that I assume they were retrofitting to get to Mars, and taking a portal instead (what was the point of showing us the Quinjet then?)

All in all, I was not horribly fond of this issue. I mean, it did what it had to do, in that it gave us all the background that was missing from Issue #1. It just felt like it was all stuffed into one little place, just to get it out of the way. I’m not usually a huge fan of that form of storytelling. Is this common for Comics though? To have one giant issue to explain the background of what got us to this point? Or does that vary by author? I’m not quite sure what the convention here is.

Since I didn’t talk about it with the last issue, I should talk about the artwork a bit as well. I like the artist does human faces. I always think they look good and interesting. I think he does people well. Not as big of a fan of anything else, though. It’s not bad…it’s just not what I would rank among my favorites in terms of artwork.

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