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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Okay guys, before I get too far into thoughts today, I have a question to ask everyone – Considering I only have three posts that are done every week (the two Mini-Opinions and the Weekly Summary), is this getting tired and boring? I feel like I should come up with something else to do that might be more interesting, but I’m not entirely sure what to do just yet. I will have to think on it…

Swamp Thing #0

So I will be completely honest here – I was not expecting to like this issue much. I mean, I know I was reading it for class, but I didn’t think it would be anything I was all that interested in. But when we got a little further into the mythos of this series, the different teams and their conflict, I was intrigued. It seemed like an interesting premise. I actually am debating picking up a TPB for this, just to see if the series is as interesting. I shall have to think about that…

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

I’m going to be really harsh on series this week, guys, because I’m working on figuring out just what series I want to keep reading, and which ones I am not interested in continuing. You’re going to see a lot of drops in this post and on Monday’s post as I figure out just what series I want to keep reading.

Superman: Birthright

I really enjoyed this story, although I don’t know a whole lot about the title character. I’ve never read a Superman story before. I have seen a movie here and there (not quite sure which ones…) and I saw the odd episode of Smallville, but that’s all the exposure I’ve ever had to the Man of Steel. Like with every other, this got bonus points just for being an origin story (because I LOVE origin stories!), but it was also told really well. I feel like the storytelling was pretty spot on, and pretty in line with a basic storyline concept that I’ve been brought up with: You start off with how life typically is (i.e. Clark trying to hide who he is but can’t stop himself from trying to help people at the very beginning), then one day something changes (i.e. he decides to stop trying to hide who he is). Because of that, these things happen (moves to Metropolis, gets a job at Daily Planet, meets Lois and Lex) which cause something else to happen (Lex attacking Superman’s character and launching the attack on Metropolis) and finally ends with this (Superman saving the city and redeeming himself). It’s classic storytelling, but the details and the character interactions make it an interesting read. The history behind Lex and Clark would be really interesting to read more about, and I would love to see how this dynamic ends up playing out as they move from this point in the story. I was also really enjoying what we got of Lois. I would be interested in reading more about her! Superman, himself…I’m just not sure. There’s nothing wrong with him…I just don’t really find him all that interesting on his own. Still, this story is well worth the read!

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini Opinions – Friday Edition

Strangers in Paradise: Pocket Edition #1

This was one of the many books I picked up for the Gender Through Comic Books class I’m currently taking, and I am really glad this one ended up on the list because I think I’m going to have to grab the next few editions and keep reading. There was a really good story here, which characters that I couldn’t help but enjoy – I really want to know where their story goes from here, so now I need to keep my eye out for the 2nd pocket edition!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

And we are onto a new,crazy week. I still feel like a huge pile of things to get through, and this week I won’t have quite as much time as before. We shall see how this goes!

Fantastic Four #4 and #5

Well…this is getting better. I wouldn’t say that it’s getting good, but we’re making steps in the right direction. I liked the background we got in issue #4, the running story of how Reed and Sue met and eventually married. It was a really cute story, especially when the exact opposite, the lack of trust from Reed, was going on in the main storyline. I think having those two side-by-side was pretty telling when it came to Reed, and I enjoyed what was going on and the cliffhanger we were left on (FINALLY! Something that kind of made you want the next issue…). #5 was a cute story with the kids and Ceasar that was, apparently, setting something up that I assume will be in FF (if the shot of the newspaper article had anything to do with it…). We also got some serious talk between Reed and Sue, and it’s finally starting to feel a like we’re seeing the tiniest slivers of a running storyline. I’m still not sold on this one, though.

I really don’t understand this though. I LOVE Fraction’s writing in Hawkeye and FF. We know that he can make a good running storyline (through FF) and a good episodic series (Hawkeye). I don’t understand why those two titles feel like they’re leaps and bounds ahead of this one when we have the same author. Because it isn’t the art that’s the problem here…there is very little happening in the story that makes you want to keep at it. And I just don’t understand how these opposite things can come from the same author!

Final Opinion: Iffy (2nd in a row)

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Mini-Opinions, Attempt #2

X-Men Legacy #7

I’m not sure if I could tell you why I love X-Men Legacy so much. David is a really interesting character, first off. And really, the series never takes itself that seriously. When there are so many other series that I’m reading that do take a very serious tone, this is always a nice break. Plus a lot of the supporting characters are interesting too – I really want to know more about Blindfold, and the two are interesting together. This issue seems like it might be the start of a new arc, seeing as we finished one with the last issue. Most of it was filler, albiet entertaining filler. We really didn’t get the next arc until the very end. But I’m excited to see where this goes!

Final Opinion: Solid

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And Now For Something Completely Different (Age Of Ultron #1)

Okay, so I do have to admit that I was excited for this issue. I know a lot of people are iffy on events and think they usually aren’t good, but it was the first event that I’ve seen! I really couldn’t help buying into it a little bit…mostly because I’m curious about it and what exactly they are going to do!

Age Of Ultron 1

First off, can I say how much I love this cover. And no, not because of the shiny metallic-ness…I loved the image. We have crazy robot thing (is that Ultron?), clutching both Iron Man and Captain America by the face. This makes it rather obvious that Mr Robot is really powerful – you can’t take both Iron Man and Captain America down quite that easily. Then, if you look underneath them, you start to see other characters you know – Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Spider-Girl, Wolverine…the more you look, the more you see. And then, hiding in Mr. Robot’s head, you see a reflection of Hawkeye, bow up, ready to fire. That about sums up the entire issue right there – incredibly powerful villan, pretty much all heros have been defeated, except Hawkeye – he’s the only one left standing. He’s the only one still fighting. Also, did anyone else notice how the white lines around the top are made up of zero’s and one’s? That made the nerd in me very happy.

This first issue is a simple story (and everyone who reads here knows, I’m a sucker for a simple story if it’s done well…). Start off in a crazy looking dystopian world. Everything in New York is either damaged or destroyed. We have Hawkeye going on a rescue mission, trying to save Spider-Man (who, I think, might actually be Peter Parker…he didn’t seem very Ock-like). We run into some sort of safe-house for a rather seedy lot of people. They have somehow been paying off Ultron to be allowed to keep living as they do. Hawkeye does his thing, gets Spider-Man out, and goes back underground, where the rest of the remaining heros are hiding and kind of just want to be left alone.

Overall, this is really a set-up issue. Which doesn’t really bother me, since it is a first issue and they have a lot to establish! In terms of telling you the state of the world now, they did a lot without having to go into a mass exposition moment: We know that New York is now a pile of rubble. That there’s a new guy (thing?) in charge called Ultron, and he doesn’t let humans live freely unless they bribe him somehow, and even that isn’t a guarantee. Superhero’s are wanted by Ultron, and many are dead, including, supposedly, Thor. The rest are hiding underground and not trying to fight back anymore. Ultron can infect people with…something. We’re not sure quite what, but whatever it is makes them a very big danger. Presumably, the superhero’s of this world did try and do battle with Ultron, but failed, which somehow broke Captain America emotionally, not to mention physically breaking his shield (I thought that wasn’t possible…). Now, maybe this sort of information had already been established around Ultron in previous issues…but to me, this was all brand new. And I found it fascinating. It’s an interesting concept for a world and I want to know more about it!

Of course, this brought up a lot of questions too. The book very explicitly states that this is happening now – but now in our typical universe? Or in another universe? That isn’t completely clear. Also, how in the heck did we even get to this point? What were the events leading up to this? If this is in our universe, they have QUITE a bit of explaining to do, and if it’s in another one, we need some sort of connection to our universe. Otherwise, what’s the point? Does Ultron have control of the whole world, or just New York? And how is he controlling everything? What were they scanning for when Hawkeye and Spider-Man made it back? And what the hell happened to make Captain America, of all people, give up hope? So many questions, and I can only hope they answers these in the next few issues.

I will definitely be continuing this series! It probably wasn’t everyone’s favorite first issue, especially for a story that only has a limited number of issues – not a lot happened and there was very little explanation. But I still think in terms of setting us up and introducing us to this world, they did a wonderful job.

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