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Yay! for an Intro Post

Hello to anyone who is reading this! My name is Cr8zyGurl, and I was just introduced to the wonderful world of Comic Books! Before we go too far into that, I should say that I’ve been a fan of stories, in general, all of my life. I have been reading books ever since they taught us to read in Kindergarden, and haven’t once looked back. I love Movies and TV shows that incorporate intricate story lines. I even spent part of my late teens engrossed in the world of Manga and Anime (Japanese Comics and Cartoons, if anyone isn’t familiar with the terms). But, in all that time, I never made the jump to comic books (well…American ones at least). I was always kind of daunted by the sheer number of them out there for any given character, and with me being the sort of person that has to know the entire story (I cannot jump into the middle of anything…), I just never took a chance and picked one up.

Flash forward to recent history, and all of the comic book movies that have been coming out. I fell in love with many of them (though not all of them), but I didn’t think it was going to go anywhere until The Avengers came out. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m sure one of the many reasons I loved The Avengers so much is because it was written and directly by Joss Whedon, who’s work I almost always fall in love with. But, more than anything, I wanted to know more about these characters that we really didn’t get much of in the movies. There’s only so much you can explain in a 2 hour movie, even with the tie-in movies that came before The Avengers. There was still so much more to know!

A friend and I had been talking about possibly picking up some comics about a month ago, mostly because both of us had been spurned on to find out more about the characters in The Avengers. She was the first one to make the leap, finding friends of hers that were into comics, going to her first comic book store, and telling me all about these crazy stories she was reading. It felt like I was missing out on something amazing, from the way she was talking. So, armed with a small list of titles that friend recommended as good starting points, I looked up and went to my very first comic book store and picked up 3 or 4 different series to start reading. Ever since then, it has been a WILD ride!


So, from here-on-out I’m thinking about posting just general thoughts about the different comic books I’ve read and just general rambling/questions/etc. If you’re interested enough to keep reading, please pull of a chair and feel free to comment whenever you want! I’m always happy to answer questions or just talk!

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