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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Captain Marvel #1-#8

So, I was only supposed to read #1-#7 for class (and I think she really meant #1-#6 since that was where the first story arc ended…) but I figured I would read everything that I had so that would have completed the series so far. Captain Marvel has been one of my favorite characters/series since I first picked up Issue #9. Even at that point, most people I was following said that it wasn’t worth going back and reading the beginning, that #9 was a good place to start and just to keep going from there. The story before was just too weird. I’m not entirely sure why they said that, now that I’ve actually read the first eight issues. Yes, these were more sci-fi stories than the down-to-earth stuff we have now, but it was still pretty interesting, and really, the time travel story was a fun primer for Carol’s origin. It was certainly a more interesting way of doing it than just showing it to us through some flashbacks. I enjoyed myself when I was reading them! And the robot story was just hilarious. I loved Carol and Monica going back and forth – they are a pretty funny combo.

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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Mini-Opinions, Attempt #2

X-Men Legacy #7

I’m not sure if I could tell you why I love X-Men Legacy so much. David is a really interesting character, first off. And really, the series never takes itself that seriously. When there are so many other series that I’m reading that do take a very serious tone, this is always a nice break. Plus a lot of the supporting characters are interesting too – I really want to know more about Blindfold, and the two are interesting together. This issue seems like it might be the start of a new arc, seeing as we finished one with the last issue. Most of it was filler, albiet entertaining filler. We really didn’t get the next arc until the very end. But I’m excited to see where this goes!

Final Opinion: Solid

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What happened to Predictability? (X-Men Legacy #6)

Mike Del Mundo is doing such a beautiful job with these covers, giving the rest of just a glimpse into the craziness that is Legion’s mind. I’m sorry guys, I know I talk about the covers every time, but really, how can you not stop and stare? I spent a while just trying to read every speech bubble…

X-Men Legacy 6

Anyone who’s been following the series has to say they saw at least part of this issue coming. After where things ended last time, the assumption was that either Legion or one of the X-Men were going to get to Blindfold in time to top Luca/Sojobo, and there was going to be a confrontation between Legion and Luca/Sojobo. Those things were obvious enough, and we did jump right into it. Legion space folds (btw…that was a nicely portrayed space fold…it almost looked like Origami…though I suppose that should have been obvious since the personality in his head that controls this power is called the “Origamist”) himself to Blindfold’s bed, and the confrontation starts. Though whether you call this a confrontation or a puppet game is up to you…Luca’s ability is to see into the future, and he’s taken steps to protect himself from the actions he already knew were coming.

Things start to go wrong when the Golum-creature shows up, taking over Legions body for a bit to taunt both Legion and Luca. This is apparently something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Nor was Blindfold waking up supposed to happen. In the end, Luca is defeated (though not dead…the eyeballs have flown off somewhere, so we’ll probably see him again…) and Legion and Blindfold get a few moments to actually talk, where Blindfold warns him not to “go too far into the dark”.

In the end, it was a story I was expecting, but it still managed to surprise me in a few places. When Legion was waking up and Sojobo was calling for help from the X-Men, I was expecting everything to end there, for the X-Men to kick Legion out and Luca/Sojobo to go after Blindfold again…until Blindfold showed up, awake, alive, an none-too-happy he was threatening her friend. That was a nice little reveal (and added a tiny bit of humor. The massive group of X-Men that were standing around, watching all of this happen, when Chamber jumps in with “Did…ah…Did we win?” – made me laugh)

The biggest reveal, however, was the Golum-creature that’s been living in Legion’s head since the first issue. We’ve only caught glimpses of him before now, though he was the one that put Blindfold into the coma initially. He finally reveals himself fully to Legion and transforms…into someone I don’t think anyone was expecting. I’m still having a hard time believing it’s true. Nothing he’s done or said up until now sounds like the character he transforms into…so I’m wondering if Golum is just some sort of shapeshifter and is just trying to torment Legion a little more? I mean, I’ve heard a lot of people say that characters don’t typically stay dead in Comics, and this would kind of prove them right…but I’m still not entirely convinced it’s him! Either that, or he’s just a much colder person in the comics than I remember…(and no, I’m not going to say who this is…I think it might be a little too big to just post up without a thought…)

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Insanity Is…(X-Men Legacy #3, #4, and #5)

Seriously, guys, how can you not fall in love with these covers? Every single one, I think I spent a few minutes just staring at the cover. They’re amazing!

X-Men Legacy 3

X-Men Legacy #3 – Legion goes to rescue the twins who were in trouble, but rather quickly runs into problems. Turns out, those kids weren’t tied up or being held prisoner…not exactly anyway. They actually trapped Legion (thinking he was coming to destroy them), after some lengthy exchanges between their caretakers and Legion, attempt to get into his mind. He manages to free himself in the end, and convinces the kids to come with him. They’re just about ready to head into the sunset, when through the roof bursts the X-Men, ready to save the kids from Legion…

This was a decent story. I like Legion as a character, which is probably a good thing since this series centers around him! I loved the chase scenes through his mind as he tried to wrangle another personality/power for him to use, only to fall short over and over. I also loved the realization he had that he didn’t have to try and be his father. It was a very sentimental story in that way, and I am a sucker for things like that…

Now, of course, how do we convince the X-Men, who are already convinced he is trying to hurt the kids, that Legion is really just trying to help them?

X-Men Legacy 4

X-Men Legacy #4 – For all the talking going on in this one, since some of the X-Men were trying to be reasonable here, there was a lot of little things to get out of this issue, which I enjoyed! The X-Men show up and try to take away the two kids that Legion has rescued, but he’s not about to give them up. They shouldn’t be forced to fight, and that’s what he’s afraid will happen to them if they go with the other X-Men. So there is a fight mixed in with all of the talking about who is right and who is wrong here. Blindfold eventually tries to step in and stop it, but gets thwarted (and possibly put into a coma?) by one of the creatures in Legion’s head (more on this in a bit…) and it all ends with Chamber throwing a fireball into an amunitions warehouse, the warehouse blowing up, but Legion manages to fold the explosion out of current space-time, and fold the kids back over to the X-Men, who take them back to the school.

One silly note: Putting Wolverine to sleep seems to be some sort of tradition…first it happens in All New X-Men when Jean has heard enough…now Legion does the same thing. Is that really the best way to react to Wolverine? 😛

Also, there’s been this creature running around Legion’s head that I’ve been meaning to talk about, but keep forgetting to. It looks a little like Golum and, from the few comments around it’s appearances, I don’t think it’s supposed to be there. It first made an appearance at the end of Issue #1, after Legion had destroyed his mind prison. It then showed up again, hiding out above Legion at the end of Issue #2, and indicated that its something that Legion doesn’t know about. And now it jumps in, takes a swipe at Blindfold, and the girl is basically in a coma. I’m not sure what this creature is, but whatever it is, it can’t be good. It was born out of the crazy that came after Xavier’s death, at least from what was alluded to in the first issue, but what it is, that’s a mystery.

There was also the appearance of two characters that I’ve never heard of before in this issue, and we really didn’t get much story on them either…they were just kind of there: Chamber and Frenzy – I looked them both up on Wikipedia just to get something of a background on them. Does every single character have such a huge backstory? Really…these people should be a lot older than they seem if this much has already happened to them!

X-Men Legacy 5

X-Men Legacy #5 –  NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS, STOP READING NOW (and again, I don’t know why you’re reading my stuff if you don’t want spoilers…I tend to throw them in everywhere…)

This issue focuses on Blindfold, specifically on her past. Legion creates a diversion for the other X-Men, then sends himself out telepathically to find her and try and help her, but also learn more about her. Most of the issue is a trip through her awful past and focuses on her abusive over brother who, in the end, tried to cut her up with a chainsaw, but ended up killing their mother instead. Then, when he is being given the death sentence, his ghost somehow comes out, attacks her, and takes away part of her power. At this point, Legion is dragged away from Blindfold, but not before catching a glimpse of Sojobo walking into the infirmary and knocking out the doctor, knife held in one hand. We come back to Legion’s actual body, where a knife has been drawn on him too, but this time by Karasu, Sojobo’s twin sister. She says Sojobo has not been asking like himself ever since they got here, but since they are family, she will do what he wants. And he asked her to deliver a letter and keep Legion away. The letter is what makes everything come into place. Sojobo has been taken over…by Creepy Eyeball Guy…who is Blindfold’s Brother’s Ghost…who has stolen part of Blindfold’s powers. AAAAAAHHHHH!

This was obviously a set up issue for whatever is going to happen in the next issue…but it was a story that kept you interested enough that you barely noticed – you wanted to know more about Blindfold, you wanted to know if things got better. And you wanted to know what the heck Sojobo was doing! It was more than enough to keep making me press forward!

I am really enjoying this series so far, and I can’t wait to read the next issue!!

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Sometimes We Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover (X-Men Legacy #1 and #2)

So, originally, X-Men Legacy was not anywhere on my radar. I hadn’t heard anything about it, hadn’t really looked into it, and wasn’t really interested in picking up anything new. But then I kept passing the covers as I was picking up All New X-Men. Those covers had me floored. I wanted to know what was inside just because the covers were so interesting. So I finally got around to picking up a few to try them out!

X-Men Legacy 1

X-Men Legacy #1: Legion is yet another character that I have never heard of before (since when did Charles Xavier have a son?) I went ahead and looked up what I could on Wikipedia just to get a quick primer on him…so many of the X-Men have had such colorful lives, haven’t they?

The artwork within this issue is…interesting? It’s very stylized (I think that’s the right word…). But the story makes up for any weirdness in the artwork. You find Legion, who obviously hasn’t had much control over himself previously, trying and mostly succeeding to keep control of his army of personalities through the use of a mind-prison and the help of his guru, Merzah the Mystic. As a character, he’s endearing…you can’t help but root for a kid that just wants to do the right thing but can’t always trust himself (his mind prison isn’t totally without flaw…). Then, I guess, the series matches itself up with the current timeline in that Legion feels he father die and looses all control over himself. His powers on the rampage, his mind prison destroyed, we come to with his guru, who is almost dead in this sea of destruction that Legion created. And that’s where we end.

As Legion was loosing control, there was a flash over to some other X-Men, specifically a girl called Blindfold (who apparently has more of a history than I thought…must read up more on her later…) who either felt Xavier’s death or felt Legion loose control when Xavier died. Then she says something strange: “The old king is dead. Long live the new king.” What that could possibly mean is up in the air…but I could certainly make a few guesses!

Overall, I’m am very intrigued by this series…and I want to see where they take it.

X-Men Legacy 2

X-Men Legacy #2: Enter Creepy Eyeball Man. We don’t know who he is, or what he is for that matter, but he suddenly appears after Legion managed to drag himself away from all the crazy people in his mind and regain control of his body (though the scenes with those crazy people controlling his body were kind of funny…). Creepy Eyeball man explains he can “see” things and make things happen how he wants them to happen. He demonstrates this by flicking an icicle that, a few pages later, based on the sequence of events from that initial icicle, ends up saving them when a boulder is dropped on the head someone chasing them.

Creepy Eyeball Man then gets annoyed at Legion for not wanting to fight and tries to fly away, but not before Legion manages to catch a telepath in his mind and use it’s powers to read Creepy Eyeball Man and see a pair of twins who need help.

It was nice to see that Legion does have the ability to control his own mind…though it does take some extreme circumstances to bring him to the point that he takes action. The hope would be that, eventually, he’ll be able to take control of more and more of the personalities running rampant in his head. Though if this ends up becoming a “We’re tacking THIS personality this week” sort of thing, that wouldn’t be good either. We’ll have to see where it goes.

Overall, though, I really like the series, and I’m really excited for more!

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