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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Secret Six TPB #1

Picked this one up for class, but I was kind of excited to read a book by Gail Simone – I’ve heard a lot about her since I started reading comic books. I was really expecting a lot. That probably did not help me out, honestly. Also what didn’t help was not knowing the vast majority of these characters. I’m pretty sure the only character I recognized right away was Batman! I spent the first three or four issues just working out who was who and what each person could do. It was a lot of characters to learn! I was having a really hard time reading until I got the characters down. After that, I got sucked into the storyline – it was pretty interesting! Oh well…since this is pre-New 52, I’m not thinking I’ll be reading any more (I’ve heard that anything pre-New 52 is kind of hard to get your hands on) but it was certainly interesting and I would definitely search out more by Gail Simone!

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #2

This story is really just a fun read – the antics are almost always a little silly, but the characters and their interactions keep the whole thing afloat. I love reading about the students at this school, and anytime we focus on them a little I am really happen. Still, though, the teachers are just as interesting! And we did leave the third issue in this trade on a more serious note – poor Broo!! Though we jumped right back into funny stuff really quickly (did anyone else find themselves dying of laughter when Angel dropped Wolverine from god-only-knows how high?). I’ve really been enjoying this series and getting to know, or learning more about, the characters within. It’s been a fun ride! And now I need to go and find the 3rd Trade 🙂

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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