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You Can’t Win Them All…(Uncanny X-Force #2)

Uncanny X-Force 2

So I was really hoping this issue would redeem the last issue. There were so many good ideas and interesting possible story arcs. I wanted it to be something more interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a whole lot that kept me interested. The story still felt like it was all over the place – I’m not quite sure who the bad person is and who we should be rooting against: Spiral? Bishop? The fire-bear thing that is possessing Bishop? I don’t quite understand the little girl – I assume she was the one controlling all the drug addict people, and for some reason Spiral is protecting her. But we really have no information about her other than that…she’s just…there. It feels like we keep jumping storylines, between Spiral and Psylocke’s struggle that also includes Puck and Storm, Fantomex and his clone-girlfriend, and Bishop and whatever-the-heck happened to him. They’re not really tying together, so every time we jump between storylines just feels jarring.

I think this is going to be the second series that I fully drop. I’m just not interested in what’s going on. Maybe it’ll get a course correction sometime further down the road and I can jump back in…but right now, not so much.

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Superheros…with Boobs…and Pointed Feet…(Uncanny X-Force #1)

My mission to find more comics that feature good female characters as superheros still continues, and my latest attempt was Uncanny X-Force, which features a mostly female team. I hadn’t heard much about this one outside of that, though, so it felt like a shot in the dark.

Uncanny X-Force 1


Okay, lets just talk about this cover for a minute, because I’m going to apply the principles of the Hawkeye Initiative to the girls in this. Lets start with Miss Spread-Eagle in the bottom center of the picture…really, do I have to say anything at all about her? I’m not even sure that sort of pose is possible. Where are her feet? Underneath her legs? Seriously, just try sitting like that…it’s kind of painful unless you’re exceptionally flexible or double jointed. And really, what’s the point other than the to show off there is nothing covering your upper thighs? Jump up to Storm…I can’t for the life in me figure out if she’s trying to stand up or sit down…and either way, you would  not have your chest thrown forward or your butt thrown back like that at the same time unless you were trying to show them off. Really, imagine ANY male character in the same pose and look me in the eye and tell me they don’t look ridiculous. Psylocke is in a similar, though slightly less contorted, pose that does the same. It’s sad, really…

And yes, I am being exceptionally hard on this cover, but I really want to find a single or group of bad-ass female lead characters that are JUST bad-ass lead characters. Why must they always emphasize the fact that they are female by throwing out butts and chests and being like “SEE! THEY’RE HERE!” Its….arg…I do not like.

Fortunately, this wasn’t quite as prominent in the story, though there were a few bad panels. We got a good shot of Spiral’s midriff, a good look down Storm’s top on the very next page. What really caught me were the pointed toes when people were jumping. I just…I’m trying to think about this logically, and if you have a leg bent behind you, you’re really not going to point your toe unless you’re heavily trained in dance and it’s just a force of habit, right? Maybe I’m over thinking this a bit…I just couldn’t help but notice it each time and it felt off!!

…Okay…I think I have that out of my system now…

Storywise, I think what’s really intriguing me is these character’s past (Storm was Married to T’Challa?!?!?) Psylocke seems like a really interesting character overall, though we only really get glimpses of who she is and what she’s been through. I’m probably going to have to look that up later…I loved Storm and Psylocke’s together…it almost feels like they feed off of one another a little. Still not quite sure what to make of Spiral’s storyline and the child that Storm found…I feel like we only got the tiniest taste of the story, and I just need more to have an opinion!

The way the story was laid out was a little…annoying? In that we get our quick introductions to Bishop and Fantomex at the very end of the comic. It was just jarring, to go from Storm and Psylocke in the middle of a fight and then, “Oh! By the way! There are these other characters that you need to know about!”. It felt weird to have their introductions where they were. I feel like we should have done them in the middle of Storm and Psylocke’s story…

…wow…I really ripped this one to shreds, didn’t I? You want to know the funny part? I liked Psylocke and Storm enough as characters in this one that I might be willing to overlook most of this, because I want to see more of those two! I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I shall have to think on this…

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