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Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #2

This story is really just a fun read – the antics are almost always a little silly, but the characters and their interactions keep the whole thing afloat. I love reading about the students at this school, and anytime we focus on them a little I am really happen. Still, though, the teachers are just as interesting! And we did leave the third issue in this trade on a more serious note – poor Broo!! Though we jumped right back into funny stuff really quickly (did anyone else find themselves dying of laughter when Angel dropped Wolverine from god-only-knows how high?). I’ve really been enjoying this series and getting to know, or learning more about, the characters within. It’s been a fun ride! And now I need to go and find the 3rd Trade 🙂

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Continuing with the mini-opinions, which will hopefully be scheduled for Friday and Monday from now on. Plenty of new issues this week, plus a few new series I picked up and others that have been waiting for me to find some time. I’m hoping to get through as many as I can!!

Nova #2

I enjoyed this issue! It was a bit of a filler issue in that we really didn’t meet anyone new (unless you count the very end…) but we did establish that Sam has figured out the helmet and suit and kind of knows how to operate it. We also establish that something went rather wrong with whatever his father was doing, which is why he now has the helmet, and why Rocket Raccoon and Gamora came to him in the first place. I’m kind of curious about the panel with the mother looking out the window…think she knows more than she’s letting on? I wish we had run a little more with the story, but I still liked it overall.

Final Opinion: Solid

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