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Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Insurgent #3

I feel like I wasted quite a bit of money this week. Between Fearless Defenders, Katana, and this one, I would have been happier picking up a TPB of something else! I was having a hard time understanding why I didn’t like this series. It’s got an interesting premise, really. But the story isn’t told well…and the characters are about as two-dimensional as you get. I don’t care about what happens to them. Oh well…I tried. But halfway into this story, I just can’t find it in me to care. I’ll be dropping this series as well…

Final Opinion: Drop

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Off the Beaten Path (Insurgent #1 and #2)

I’ve been wanting to start reading some DC comics, because most everything I have so far is Marvel (except for Katana and Mind the Gap). But getting into some of Marvel’s main storylines is a little daunting…they’re all at least in their teens in terms of issue numbers, and me being OCD about wanting every single issue makes the thought of trying to track everything down a little scary. But then I heard about Insurgent – a miniseries by DC with an interesting premise. So I figured I’d check it out.

Insurgent 1

Insurgent 2

Hmm…well so much for that attempt. The concept behind Insurgent, that ordinary citizens had been turned into Super Soldier sleepers without their knowledge, was an interesting enough concept for me to want to try this series out. But, from what I’ve read so far, I’d have to debate a bit before I decide to pick up #3. Artwork in this series is so-so. Sometimes its a little confusing to figure out how to got from Panel 1 to Panel 2…it feels like there are panels missing in random spots. And while the concept is interesting, the story really isn’t executing all that well. Ex Super Soldier hunter who has adopted the daughter of his last kill (creepy much?) is being forced back into service to deal with the latest batch of Super Soldiers gone rogue. None of the characters are all that developed or unique. There’s really nothing outside of the story to keep you interested, and even that isn’t enough for me. So yeah, this will probably not go any further than this issue…oh well. It was worth a shot, right?

I’m gonna have to find another series to start getting into DC…

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