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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Secret Six TPB #1

Picked this one up for class, but I was kind of excited to read a book by Gail Simone – I’ve heard a lot about her since I started reading comic books. I was really expecting a lot. That probably did not help me out, honestly. Also what didn’t help was not knowing the vast majority of these characters. I’m pretty sure the only character I recognized right away was Batman! I spent the first three or four issues just working out who was who and what each person could do. It was a lot of characters to learn! I was having a really hard time reading until I got the characters down. After that, I got sucked into the storyline – it was pretty interesting! Oh well…since this is pre-New 52, I’m not thinking I’ll be reading any more (I’ve heard that anything pre-New 52 is kind of hard to get your hands on) but it was certainly interesting and I would definitely search out more by Gail Simone!

Final Opinion: Solid

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Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

And we are onto a new,crazy week. I still feel like a huge pile of things to get through, and this week I won’t have quite as much time as before. We shall see how this goes!

Fantastic Four #4 and #5

Well…this is getting better. I wouldn’t say that it’s getting good, but we’re making steps in the right direction. I liked the background we got in issue #4, the running story of how Reed and Sue met and eventually married. It was a really cute story, especially when the exact opposite, the lack of trust from Reed, was going on in the main storyline. I think having those two side-by-side was pretty telling when it came to Reed, and I enjoyed what was going on and the cliffhanger we were left on (FINALLY! Something that kind of made you want the next issue…). #5 was a cute story with the kids and Ceasar that was, apparently, setting something up that I assume will be in FF (if the shot of the newspaper article had anything to do with it…). We also got some serious talk between Reed and Sue, and it’s finally starting to feel a like we’re seeing the tiniest slivers of a running storyline. I’m still not sold on this one, though.

I really don’t understand this though. I LOVE Fraction’s writing in Hawkeye and FF. We know that he can make a good running storyline (through FF) and a good episodic series (Hawkeye). I don’t understand why those two titles feel like they’re leaps and bounds ahead of this one when we have the same author. Because it isn’t the art that’s the problem here…there is very little happening in the story that makes you want to keep at it. And I just don’t understand how these opposite things can come from the same author!

Final Opinion: Iffy (2nd in a row)

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The Start of Something New (Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1)

Guardians of the Galaxy 0,1


Okay guys, so I’m going to own up to this right here…there were two reasons I picked up this series. 1) The upcoming movie. I figured I might as well be a little better informed when that comes out. 2) Stark is going to be showing up in this series as well (that man really cannot confine himself to his own series, can he?). If it hadn’t been for those two facts, I’m not sure I would have picked this issue up at all…and knowing what I know now, that would have been a tragedy!

This is a really awesome comic, guys. First off, Art. I don’t know what else Steve McNiven draws…but I need to look it up…this issue was stunning! I have to throw praise at Justin Ponsor as well – the colors here were gorgeous as well. Nearly every page, I just had to stop and stare for a moment. It was so well done! I am incredibly impressed with everyone who worked on the art for this issue.

Storywise, this whole issue is backstory (another reason I love it – thank you Marvel, for giving me a story that works with my lack-of-knowledge!) of Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord. We start from the moment his mother, Meredith, and father, J’Son – royalty from Spartax, meet. We then go through this beautiful montage of the two falling in love. It’s only two pages, and there isn’t a speech bubble in site, but really, you’re given all you need to know. And then…J’Son has to leave, and Meredith, who shortly realizes she’s pregnant – and that leads me to my only gripe with this book. Who the heck knows they’re pregnant THE NEXT MORNING?!?! Unless you happen to have very VERY good timing, it could take a couple of weeks, and even then, you aren’t totally sure…

Yes…that was a very small gripe in the grand scheme of things…

Flash forward 10 years, and we get Peter as a boy, already a dreamer with a strong sense of right and wrong with some daddy issues thrown in. He’s not at all afraid to fight for what he thinks is right. Essentially, he’s a good kid, which only makes what follows all the more tragic.

I’m not sure if Stark appearing at the end was meant to be a reveal. I’ve been hearing about him in this comic since I’ve started reading…which admittedly isn’t long, but if someone who knows as little as I do has still managed to hear this, it’s probably pretty common knowledge. But for any of you that it was a surprise for, kuddos! I honestly think it would be more fun to read without any prior knowledge and actually have been surprised. But still, it was a wonderful comic, and I’m really excited for the 1st issue!

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