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Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Jupiter’s Legacy #1

Okay, so there was something bothering me about this story from the get-go and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first. I mean, reviews that I’ve seen have been mostly favorable, but I couldn’t get to the point that I liked it. So I sat down and thought for a moment and came up with this: Time does not make sense in this story. And yes, while I know most superhero stories have wonky time in terms of characters aging, we know our original hero’s have aged pretty dramatically (lots of gray and white hair, lots of wrinkle lines) but they have kids that seem…well…young. And the story as a whole seems to be going for a lot more realism than your typical superhero story. The adults were young, maybe early to mid 20s, at the beginning of the story, which was in the 1930s. Their kids don’t look much older than 30 themselves in 2013, meaning they were born in the 1980s at the earliest. So their parents were 70 when they had kids?? That seems a little off – and maybe I’m nitpicking a bit here, but for a series that’s trying to hard to be set in our world and portray it realistically, it seems like someone could have sat down for five minutes and done the math…

Another thing – I just don’t like stories where your main characters (in this case Chloe and Brandon) are so¬†thoroughly¬†unlikable. I mean, I’m sure they’re being set up for a massive change of heart at some point, but having to deal with them until that point just isn’t all that interesting to me. Which is sad, because a lot of interest concepts and ideas were brought up all throughout this story, and I would have really liked to see where they were going with those – but I can’t justify it if I don’t want to read these characters.

Final Opinion: Drop

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Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Pretty crazy weekend, so I didn’t get to a whole lot this time around…oh well. I will catch up eventually, right?

East of West #1

I had absolutely no excuse for not knowing what I was getting myself into with this title. Maybe when I picked up Avengers, when I didn’t know the type of story Hickman tells, maybe then I had an excuse. With this one, I knew what I was getting myself into….at total and ridiculously addicting mindf%*#. And that’s exactly what we got. I am totally hooked here! And totally confused! There are so many little moving parts that show hints of being related to one another, but we’re not sure quite how. The world that Hickman has constructed is kind of amazing, and there’s no way to catch every little detail or every little nuance until we get the rest of the story. I had to read the issue twice as it is, and I’m sure I missed things…and that’s what make this exciting for me. Because you can see the potential straight out of the gate. I can’t wait for more!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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