Comic Newbie Week in Summary (5/1 – 5/7)


My weeks have been pretty slow lately. Between work eating up a lot of my time (we’re right near the end of a project, so time is usually eaten at this point…) and settling on and closing for a condo (closing was TODAY!) and starting to move in, it’s been a pretty big whirlwind around here. What little time I have hasn’t really been devoted to comics, unfortunately enough. I kind of miss them and I’m hoping to find some more time, but it’s very possible that this week wont be any better. Spare time will probably be taken up with packing/cleaning/moving. Sounds fun, right? (sarcasm)

Sorry for posting this so late, guys. Like I said, real life is taking up a LOT of time…

Category Rankings

Easiest to Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge

 The Movement #1 – You really don’t have to know anything going into this issue. Granted, you will be lost…but no more lost than the rest of us. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on right now. But it’s an interesting book with interesting characters and I’m excited to see where this goes…

Most Likely to Hold Your Attention

Age of Ultron #7 – This one is mostly going to hold your attention because you’re trying to figure out these new, weird heroes and how they’ve changed from their original selves. And if the ending doesn’t throw you for a loop, I’m not quite sure what will…

Most Surprising Issue

Nothing This Week

Most Surprising Ending

 Iron Man #9 – You have to admit that robot dude popping up with Tony’s father was pretty surprising, right? I certainly wasn’t expecting it…It wan’s the most interesting issue of the week, but the ending sealed my need for the next issue.

Most Repetitive

Nothing This Week

Least Likely To Hold Your Attention

Nothing This Week

Most Wikipedia Searches Required

 Swamp Thing #0 – Mostly because I didn’t know anything about the character or the story surrounding him, I had to look him up and learn more about this conflict that’s been happening between the three different groups just so I could understand what was going on! This wasn’t a stellar issue on its own, but the idea of the series is somewhat intriguing…

Most Confusing

 Superman: Last Son of Krypton #1 – This was confusing to me only because I didn’t realize it was a reprint from before the New-52. Thank you to GothamRogue for pointing that out to me!

Worst Pick

  – Considering this was a free comic, I don’t feel bad at all for giving this a try. It’s just not the type of thing I really want to read. I have so many other series that I think do female characters better, and I’d rather stick with them…

Personal Favorite

Superior Spider-Man #9 – That this title made it here on a week where Hawkeye was released should speak volumes about how good this issue was. Slott really outdid himself in this epic ‘final’ battle between Peter and Otto (I doubt it’s the final one…but we don’t actually ‘know’ that yet…). The writing was awesome, the storyline was totally captivating with all of its twists and turns, and the art was just beautiful. I really have nothing about this issue that I don’t like, and I applaud Slott for just running with this story without fear or worry – it’s an incredible idea and while it is certainly angering some people, I’m glad that he’s willing to tell it anyway.

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week

  1. Y: The Last Man TPB #1 – Reading this one for class, but I’ve heard a lot of good things, so I’m excited for it!
  2. Avengers #11 – I always look forward to Hickman’s epic story, and keep hoping that the next issue is going to be the one where we start seeing some payoff, but somehow I’m not thinking so here. Anyone else think the payoff is going to be in Infinity?
  3. Avengers Assemble #15 AU – Not sure how excited I am for this one. I put this on my subscription list to get ready for the Enemy Within storyline that’s starting soon, and this just came with it. I usually love Avengers Assemble, but the AU tie ins are kind of hit or miss…
  4. Batman #20 – More crazy amazing Batman stories? Yes Please!!
  5. Thor #8 – I think I’ve been waiting for this issue since I finished the last one. And I’m rather sure I’ll be waiting for the next issue as soon as I finish this one…
  6. Glory TPB – Still about halfway through this one…real life kinda got in the way…
  7. Morning Glories TPB #3, #4, and Issue #26 – I REALLY want to read these, but then tend to fall a little lower in the pile than other things – hopefully it’ll be read soon.
  8. Batwoman TPB #2 – I’ve been wanting to get to this one to continue the story, but just haven’t had time…
  9. Batgirl TPB #1 – After reading Issue #0 for class, I really wanted to pick this up and give it a try!!
  10. Wonder Woman TPB #2 – Been wanting to read this for a bit, but time hasn’t been on my side…
  11. Fatale TPB #1 – Picked this one up on Free Comic Book Day to make sure to support my store. I’d been wanting to read this so I figured it would be a good time to try…
  12. Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #4 – This one just arrived (got it off Amazon) but it’s at the bottom of the pile, currently.
  13. Daredevil TPB #4 – Also just arrived from Amazon and also at the bottom of the pile 😦

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