Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Okay guys, before I get too far into thoughts today, I have a question to ask everyone – Considering I only have three posts that are done every week (the two Mini-Opinions and the Weekly Summary), is this getting tired and boring? I feel like I should come up with something else to do that might be more interesting, but I’m not entirely sure what to do just yet. I will have to think on it…

Swamp Thing #0

So I will be completely honest here – I was not expecting to like this issue much. I mean, I know I was reading it for class, but I didn’t think it would be anything I was all that interested in. But when we got a little further into the mythos of this series, the different teams and their conflict, I was intrigued. It seemed like an interesting premise. I actually am debating picking up a TPB for this, just to see if the series is as interesting. I shall have to think about that…

Final Opinion: Solid

Hawkeye #10

Okay, really, who ISN’T reading Hawkeye at this point? It seems like everyone is talking about this series. As much as I go a little crazy trying to figure out this timeline, I love the little jumps in time – they just make everything seem so much more important and rich (I’m not quite sure those are the right words…I’m trying!). This one in particular not only gives us something else that was happening during issue #9, it makes one of the conversations in issue #9 relate differently than before. I love that sort of thing, and I can’t wait to read more!!

Final Opinion: Must Read!!

Superior Spider-Man #9

This was a really good issue! Massive battle in Peter’s brain between Peter and Otto and everything that came up, ever little twist and turn. I was hooked – I could not put this down until we got to the ending. And that ending was just as surprising as anything. Mind you, what might have been more fun to read was Slott’s reaction on twitter to all of his fans. Like the story or not, you have to admire the man – he writes the story he wants to write, whether or not everyone is going to like it. That takes some major courage, and he handles it somewhat well (he might have been needling the haters a LITTLE bit, but whatever). You can’t make everyone happy, especially in a creative field like this, so you have to make a choice. Make everyone else happy (which is next to impossible) or make the story you want to make. And no matter what you think of it, this is obviously a story that Dan Slott is enjoying and wants to make. You can choose whether or not you want to go along for the ride – and I know I’m not getting off anytime soon!

Final Opinion: Must Read!!

All New X-Men #11

So I already knew who was leaving with this issue, thanks to the Uncanny X-Men issue I read a little while back. But I was still interested to see what had actually happened when Angel decided to switch sides – and what really surprised me was Jean’s character growth in this issue. I thought that was done really well. These kids are really what intrigue me about this title, so any time we get to learn more about them, I’m really interested. Now, how what Mystique is doing is going to affect the X-Men, that is going to be interesting…

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Iron Man #9

I was not planning on reading this title…really. I thought I was done. And then the last issue went and blind-sided me and I had to get my hands on this one to see where they were going. I was a little worried about this whole “Secret Origin” story, which I find a little funny – I barely know these characters but changing origin stories still makes me a little twitchy. This one looks to be interesting, but I’m not entirely sure where they are going (I’ve got a few guesses, but nothing concrete…) It leaves more questions than answers, questions that look like they will be addressed next issue, so we shouldn’t have to wait long…

Final Opinion: Solid

Age of Ultron #7

So now that we’re finally getting a storyline in this event, it’s actually been an interesting read. Seeing what has happened to each character as a result of what Wolverine and Sue did is fascinating. I don’t know enough about what happened in the Marvel Universe pre-AvX, so some of the references are a little lost on me (what war was strewn all over the Savage Lands?) What I really want to know is what the heck happened to Tony!

Final Opinion: Solid

The Movement #1

I was really excited for this issue – after reading Secret Six and Batgirl for class, picking up another Gail Simone book seemed like a no-brainer to me. Well…it’s good for what it is. I will say that. But it’s not what I expected it to be – I was expecting something a little grittier, more political, less superhero-y. That’s not exactly what we got. Ignoring all that, I like it for a first issue. All of the characters seem interesting and I’m curious to see where this is going. It’s just not what I expected when I picked it up!

Final Opinion: Solid

X-Men Legacy #10

This was a rather serious turn for a story that’s usually much more light-hearted. Though the last issue was along the same vein, so maybe this arc is just a bit darker than the last. It was interesting, though I’m still pretty sure this was a story idea that was used in a movie at some point…it may have already existed in the X-Men universe before this, though, so who knows. I want to see what David is up to, though, because he always seems to have a plan up his sleeve.

Final Opinion: Solid

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

  1. thepuremood says:

    Regarding your questions, I have to let you know that your blog is anything but boring. It’s one of my favourites on the web! It’s great to hear a passionate new fan’s thoughts on these stories and characters I’m so obsessed with. I say just keep it up! But if you’re bored, well, do whatever makes you happy!

    I followed SWAMP THING for the first year somewhat begrudgingly. I finally realized I just wasn’t enjoying it and had to drop it, which is a shame because I love the talent involved and the character. I don’t know, I have the same problem with Synder’s SWAMP THING that I do with his BATMAN – he just seems to influenced and tied down by the ‘classic’ runs.

    I absolutely LOVED SUPERIOR. What a jaw-dropper. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    I wasn’t into this month’s HAWKEYE. It felt like a story I’ve seen millions of times before, but without doing anything new or specific about it. Tough, no-nonsense crimefighter falls for secret-serial killer? I don’t know.

    I’m shocked to hear anyone describe LEGACY as being light-hearted, but all right! Haha, I’ve found that whole series pretty dark and twisted, but you may be right that this issue was especially so.

    Great reviews as always!

    • cr8zygurl says:

      So maybe light-hearted isn’t quite the right word for X-Men Legacy…but it’s never really taken itself THAT seriously. There has always been a lot of humor injected throughout, until the last issue or two. Don’t get me wrong at all, still in love with this series. I still want to see where this is going, it’s just a bit of a shift for me 🙂

      Regarding Hawkeye, I think the style of storytelling is what keeps drawing me back – these tiny little stories that are all just part of a whole but all stand alone at the same time. I find that so intriguing. Did you happen to read the interview he did on CBR? I loved his description of it there: “I want to see if I can write an elaborately designed super arc but make it feel like pointillism.” As someone who has been reading stories and trying to write them for years, that concept is really interesting to me! And yes, the stories are really tying together more than usual at the moment, but they’re all still little pieces. Hope I’m making sense 🙂

      By the way – did anyone else see the preview of Issue #11? If the entire issue is written like or close to that second page, I’m going to love this issue…

      I will keep that in mind for Swamp Thing 🙂 I really don’t need any more series to read. I’m already reading so many!! But we shall see – I think next week is a little thin for me for new issues on Wednesday…

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