Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Secret Six TPB #1

Picked this one up for class, but I was kind of excited to read a book by Gail Simone – I’ve heard a lot about her since I started reading comic books. I was really expecting a lot. That probably did not help me out, honestly. Also what didn’t help was not knowing the vast majority of these characters. I’m pretty sure the only character I recognized right away was Batman! I spent the first three or four issues just working out who was who and what each person could do. It was a lot of characters to learn! I was having a really hard time reading until I got the characters down. After that, I got sucked into the storyline – it was pretty interesting! Oh well…since this is pre-New 52, I’m not thinking I’ll be reading any more (I’ve heard that anything pre-New 52 is kind of hard to get your hands on) but it was certainly interesting and I would definitely search out more by Gail Simone!

Final Opinion: Solid

Wonder Woman #7

Okay, I will admit I’m a little behind the 8 ball on this one – this issue seemed to revolve around the Amazon’s practice of essentially getting rid of male children (anyone else having flashbacks to China and India doing the same thing to female children?). I mean, we are definitely trying to get to hell, but that really wasn’t the point of this issue, was it? Maybe I’m not quite up to speed with Wonder Woman’s backstory, but have we ever gotten another explanation of why they only have females and nothing else? I really don’t know if it was ever addressed, so I don’t have much to compare this too…and really, it felt like this story was going for shock value, but shock value in that it diverged from what we’re supposed to expect. I just have no frame of reference to know what to expect. I’ll admit, I find the whole idea pretty messed up (it’s rape, murder, and getting rid of children…who doesn’t find that upsetting?) but I really don’t have Diana’s former life to compare this against. From what little I’ve seen, it doesn’t really seem to fit the original picture of the Amazons, but that’s about all I have. Story done well, art done well…I’m just not sure I like the theme of this one…

Final Opinion: Iffy

Batgirl #0

Now this was an issue that I really enjoyed! Another one that was read for class, but this is the type of story that I would have happily picked up on my own. I like Barbara as a character – she’s really interesting and just fun to read about. And the story of how she becomes Batgirl – donning essentially a replica of Batman’s outfit to protect people she cared for (her brother and the other officer) was something I really liked. It really wasn’t much of a glimpse into the storyline as a whole, but I do think that, after reading this one, I might have to go out and find the trade and read it!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

FF #6

Okay, I really liked the beginning of this story, with Dragon looking around for Bentley, and us getting a little mini-tour of the entire Baxter Building. I also kind of find it funny that he’s the only one that really notices that Bentley is missing at first. It speaks to just how much chaos is usually going on around them that no one else really notices (either that, or they’re all still kind of in their own world. Scott did seem to be having a rough go of things at the moment). I will tell you right now, I really don’t get the Yancy Street Gang and what they are doing – I know they’re tied in to The Thing, but I don’t really know how or why, so why they were harassing Darla was lost on me – though I do like Scott going to her aid and blackmailing the blackmailers. And the ending…well…we have another cliffhanger that creates another issue I’m going to be chomping at the bit for.

Overall, a very good issue. Something of a filler issue, in that it’s basically just supposed to supply time and space between Bentley and Medusa disappearing and the whole building being taken (at least, storytelling-wise, that’s what it seems this was for) but plenty entertaining none-the-less.

Final Opinion: Must Read!

I’m still not quite sure what to make of what’s going on here – was Peter’s father just setting the Guardians up to be arrested? I almost have to feel bad for Stark – barely been in space at all and this is the second time he’s locked up! The battle itself was pretty awesome. I’m slowly starting to love Rocket – every time he says “Blam! Murdered You!” I would start giggling. It was silly and dumb and for some reason made me think of the LoTR movie where Gimli and Legolas were competing and shouting out the number of people they killed – its silly moments that bring a little bit of light-heartedness to make all the killing a little easier to take. It also tells you that Rocket obviously has a very different belief system…

The flashbacks were confusing me a bit – not entirely sure why Freyja was there, unless the whole point was to manipulate her into saying the Earth was protected (Doctor who flashbacks, anyone? “It Is Protected” – please tell me I’m not the only one that thought of that…). It very well could have been…at which point I have to worry about Peter’s father – I actually liked the guy to some degree in the 0.1 issue, but he’s certainly not the same guy anymore.

Also, what’s up with Groot? I get that he has to grow back from the sliver that Rocket found…but why did we keep jumping back to him during the fight scenes! We knew where Groot was…we knew he wasn’t coming up in this fight…and the flashes over to him kept making me think that I had it wrong and he was just going to spring out of the little twig and join in…which never happened.

Final Opinion: Must Read!

New Avengers #5

Oh this story just keeps getting more and more intricate and interesting – I never know exactly where Hickman is going to take us next. The start was a bit of a WTF moment. What happened to the massive fight from last issue? That was solved quick enough, though, and they grabbed themselves a new prisoner. And now Black Swan (with an explosive coller) is free and helping them. And really…where are we going to go? We have another incursion thats starting and…GAH…this series is going to kill me! So much going on and only the smallest of ideas exactly what it all means! It makes this whole series infuriating and addicting at the same time.

Switching topics for a second, I noticed something this issue that I probably should have noticed a little while back, and that’s the generally dark tone we get from the colors with this book. I really love that feeling with this group – that they’re supposed to be the secret, underground group and the tone completely reflects that. It’s a nice touch that’s been there throughout but I haven’t paid enough attention to notice it!

Final Opinion: Must Read!!

Avengers #10

3 Words – WHAT THE FREAK?!?!?! Seriously…what just happened? We have one of the pods that has made it’s own little world in a cocoon, characters that were caught inside, who then proceeded to tell the Avengers (or at least one of them) that the pods were active. Huh? This is big…I know this is big…but I’m still not entirely sure what it all means!! Hickman, you are going to be the death of me…really! These tiny hints that we get each issue are not nearly enough. Please explain soon…please?

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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3 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

  1. It’s actually really really easy to find pre-New 52. Most of what you’re going to see in trades is pre-New 52. In fact the best stories DC has done are all before the New 52.

    If you’ve got characters you’re interested in I can make some recommendations. Don’t think that the huge backlog is somehow inaccessible. I’d advise starting there and see how weak the New 52 is as a whole.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I was going to run by my local comic shop and see what they had tomorrow 🙂 Saturdays are usually my day to fill holes and possibly pick up new series – I wanted to see if I could find more Secret Six and maybe Wonder Woman pre-New 52. Really, I want to read more stuff by Gail Simone (My class has gotten me addicted to her writing!)

      But honestly, I don’t know many DC characters. Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman – that’s really it. I learn about more by reading. It’s what I did for Marvel (all I knew coming into this was the Avengers from the movie…learned a LOT in two months…) I just don’t know a good place to start! Though I will admit I’m kind of curious to see Barbara as Oracle (heard about her a little in Birds of Prey…and I really liked her!) That might be who I look up first!

      • If you’re in the Ball State class I’m in it too. It’s kind of a mess unfortunately. Too many people.

        I’m not a big fan of Simone. If you want a good female bat family member go with Batwoman. That’s probably my favorite DC ongoing. Also Batman & Robin.

        Kudos for sticking with FF. It’s my favorite Now title personally. The problem with FF is it assumes you’re already familiar with the Fantastic Four. I’d recommend reading the last run by Johnathan Hickman (he wrote the first run of FF before Fraction) to get you caught up.

        Also read Hawkeye if you haven’t already started. There’s a trade out now and it’s up to issue 9 in singles. It and Saga are my favorite ongoings as of now.

        I support local shops but they sell trades at cover. I usually get singles from shops and get trades off Amazon (although one shop near me does 30% off new release trades).

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