Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

Captain Marvel #1-#8

So, I was only supposed to read #1-#7 for class (and I think she really meant #1-#6 since that was where the first story arc ended…) but I figured I would read everything that I had so that would have completed the series so far. Captain Marvel has been one of my favorite characters/series since I first picked up Issue #9. Even at that point, most people I was following said that it wasn’t worth going back and reading the beginning, that #9 was a good place to start and just to keep going from there. The story before was just too weird. I’m not entirely sure why they said that, now that I’ve actually read the first eight issues. Yes, these were more sci-fi stories than the down-to-earth stuff we have now, but it was still pretty interesting, and really, the time travel story was a fun primer for Carol’s origin. It was certainly a more interesting way of doing it than just showing it to us through some flashbacks. I enjoyed myself when I was reading them! And the robot story was just hilarious. I loved Carol and Monica going back and forth – they are a pretty funny combo.

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Avengers Assemble #14 AU

I was kind of sad that Avengers Assemble is taking a break for two issues to do AU tie ins instead, but I do believe DeConnick is coming back after these two issues – and since this is still one of my favorite series, I figured I’d give the AUs a try to see if they were any good.

This one, in particular, I think they did a pretty good job with – we got a history of just what Natasha was doing when Ultron first attacked. I think that’s actually a pretty good use of an AU, as we never got a whole lot of history in the actual AU issues. I’m not usually a fan of an overabundance of narration in a comic, but this was came off well enough. I wouldn’t say it was an amazing issue, and it’s certainly missing the humor that DeConnick manages to squeeze into everything, but I enjoyed it enough to pick up the next one.

Final Opinion: Solid

Wolverine #2

Yeah, so I’m not all that convinced on this series. And it’s not just that the story is taking a little while to take off or anything like that. There’s something about the storytelling that just isn’t jiving well with me, and I’m at a loss to tell you exactly what it is. The pacing feels weird at point, the subject matter (a little kid being controlled by a gun) isn’t sitting all that well, and it feels too serious for my taste. That’s the best I can do, because none of those things really add to a concrete reason, but I’m just not getting into this one.

Final Opinion: Drop

Ultron #1

I think this is a one-shot issue, which to me is kind of sad – I really liked the story. If it does anything, it tells me I really need to get my hands on Runaways at some point. I’ve been meaning to find it, but haven’t managed to get my hands on the first TPB. In terms of this issue, it was good – really just a side story to the main story, though I do wonder if Victor is going to end up being part of the main storyline at some point. I think it would be interesting if he was. We focused on victims in this story, specifically what children and teenagers managed to survive that Victor could find, and the subsequent attack on them. It was horribly sad. I have heard that Victor will end up in the new Avengers title, Avengers A.I. I think. Not that I need another Avengers series, but I might try it just to see.

Final Opinion: Solid

Iron Man #8

So, this might not have been the best idea guys. I wasn’t planning on picking up Iron Man anymore…really! I wasn’t! And then I went to pick up my subscriptions today and I guess Iron Man didn’t get removed with the list of removals I sent them last week. So it was already in my box and I didn’t want to be a jerk and give it back to them. So yeah, it came home with me and got read. And now I’m kind of regretting that I took it off my subscriptions…

This was a good issue – it feels like this story is finally coming together. 451 became even more interesting and where this is going looks like it might be interesting. This is the first Iron Man comic that I really enjoyed and was intrigued by in a while. And, for the first time in a while, I actually want to get the next issue. *sigh* I will have to think about this and see what I do when the next issue comes out…

Final Opinion: Solid

Captain Marvel #12

Umm…Umm…OH MY GOD!!! So so so…that storyline from the first six issues, that’s really coming back to bite us here? Really? It’s possibly behind what this brain issue is? Not to mention the reappearance of Yon-Rogg!! I am dying…seriously dying right now. This is going to be absolutely crazy! Not to mention leading us into the “Enemy Within” storyline, which I am really looking forward to!! Now I am really glad I read the rest of Captain Marvel before this one…because this makes a lot more sense with those issue in my head. Absolutely loved this issue, and the reveals were so insane! When does the next issue come out? Soon? Please?!

Final Opinion: Must Read!!

Nova #3

This was a fun issue – meeting The Watcher on the moon and getting his ominous threat, followed by some hijinks between Sam, Gamora, and Rocket Racoon, and then going right back into the serious part of the story (the armada headed for earth) – pacing was good. There wasn’t a whole lot of action going on in this specific issue, unless you count the fights between the three characters above as ‘action’, but it looks like we’re going to get plenty of that next issue. Or Sam is going to run as fast as he can it the other direction. Not entirely sure yet. Also…his mom knows something. And I’m curious to see if that turns into anything further down the line.

Final Opinion: Solid

Superior Spider-Man #8

Oh boy…this does not bode well at all! Ock can hear Peter, and I think Ock might actually be able to get rid of him if he tried. Who knows exactly where they plan on going with this, but that’s certainly one possible destination. I keep remembering something I heard Dan Slott say on an interview somewhere – that if we didn’t like him now (i.e. earlier in the year), we were going to hate him by Summer. That always sounded ominous to me…and I think we’re starting to work our way toward that.

Outside of that, the issue was really good. The fight with the Avengers and then turning our attention back to Cardiac. I loved the little girl, and the little Spider-Man plushie she got at the end. I kind of want one 😛 It was an issue that really kept up interest and I enjoyed working my way through it. Now we just need to wait and see if Ock can actually do anything with his ‘magic helmet’

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Age of Ultron #6

This was another book I wasn’t planning on picking up again. But then I started to see reviews filter in, people saying this was the best one so far, that things were actually happening. And yes, I caved. Really…It hasn’t even been a week since I made the decision to cut and I’m already caving. This does not bode well…

This was a good issue – there was plot. There was movement. There was much less standing around and arguing over what to do next. All massive improvements over what we’ve seen so far. And we end on such a huge WTF note that I’m not sure where we can go from here. I mean…how is this going to work. I’m pretty sure we saw the team that went to the future ripped to shreds on their journey…but with what happened at the end of the book…how is this going to end up working? I’m not entirely sure…and now I want the next issue to see just how this is going to pan out…

Final Opinion: Solid

X-Men Legacy #9

I think this might be the first X-Men Legacy stories that I didn’t really like. It started off well, with Blindfold and David having a date on the moon. It was cute…and then David goes into this huge story about a character that is going to kill all Mutant and how he has to be stopped. It’s a lot of talking from David, a lot of trying to persuade Blindfold to see his point of view. To me, that kind of fails the whole “Show, Don’t Tell” idea that makes stories better. Because David just tells us everything we need to know and even when it looks like we might be moving to some sort of action, we get this anticlimactic “I’ve already done it” ending. I think I know what they were trying to do, but it just didn’t come off very well. I’m hoping the next issue will be better.

Final Opinion: Iffy

The Massive TPB #1

Picked up this series because it looked interesting, but I probably should have looked at the writer. The only other Brian Wood story I’ve read was Mara, and I feel like this is falling into the same trap as that series – the plot is really interesting, but the characters are really lacking. They’re not that sympathetic and I just find myself not really caring what happens to them. It makes it really hard to keep reading. I like the plot here more than Mara, so I may eventually pick up the second TPB, but not any time soon…

Final Opinion: Iffy


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