Comic Newbie Week in Summary (4/10-4/16)


Well, this was an interesting week – slower overall (I think…) but some really good series packed in. Tried a couple of new series, made a lot of decisions on which series I should keep reading, and how to spot them from now on – I feel like this week went really well. I’m sad to see some series go, especially ones I was really hopefully would get better (Indestructible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men) but I know I made the right choice in the end. I will try to keep my ear to the ground in case they ever start to pick up, and I can jump back in.

Class wise, I’m really enjoying what we’re learning. I feel like I’m learning a lot and it’s definitely changing the way I look at comics, though I try not to comment on it too much yet. I want to finish off the class first!! But I’m so excited because our interviews this week include Kelly Sue DeConnick!! So excited to hear from her! We almost always have some great questions so I think it’ll be a really good discussion!

My list of things to read is slowly dwindling, which is nice. I feel like, in a few more weeks, I might actually be caught up and only reading new issues or picking up a new series here and there. We shall see, in the end, but I’m hopeful!

Category Rankings

Easiest to Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge

Superman: Birthright – Picking this one not only because it’s an entire mini-series in one book and it’s an origin story – Superman is so engrained in modern culture that you’re bound to know enough to understand what all is going on through this story. You don’t need to look anything up, you know most of the characters in play – it’s a really easy and really interesting read.

Most Likely to Hold Your Attention

Batwoman TPB #1 – This time around, I’m not talking about a storyline that is engrossing. The Batwoman storyline was good, not the best that I’ve read, but good. What really got me, and I’ve said it multiple times already, was the Art. Each page, each scene, they were all done so wonderfully and so differently. It really is a beautiful thing to look at, whether or not you’re actually reading the story. I really enjoyed every page that I saw!

Most Surprising Issue

Nothing this week that wasn’t already used elsewhere

Most Surprising Ending

Hawkeye #9 – …YOU DID NOT JUST KILL GRILLS….Why?? Why did Grills have to die?? That was so totally unexpected and so shocking and I think I just sat there, staring at that last page for a full 10 minutes before I could let go of the issue. I do have to admit, I admire that Fraction was willing to go there – killing off a beloved character is not an easy thing to do, and you risk a lot of backlash when you do so, but if that’s what the story needs and you want to give a sense that no one is safe, that’s the way to do it. I know I am extremely worried about the rest of the building now…But I’m still sad because….Grills! It’s Grills! He’s a character you couldn’t help but love!

Most Repetitive

Age of Ultron #5 – Age of Ultron wins this category, again – one of the many reasons I may not pick up any more of this one. I figure I can wait until the Wikipedia article is out and figure out what happens from that…it might actually be a more enjoyable read!

Least Likely To Hold Your Attention

Uncanny Avengers #3 – I am a big fan of the old writing saying “Show, Don’t Tell”. I think, when it comes to comics, there is a rather unique opportunity to do that to an even greater extent than you can with a written book, because you can portray things that can’t be so easily written sometimes. Not to say that it makes things easier for the writers (I actually think it might make things a bit more complicated…). Still, given the medium that is comic books, excessive exposition just seems so silly and redundant. And that’s exactly what we got with this book – so much exposition that was trying to tell a story that for some reason hadn’t been scripted into the scenes for each panel. It felt like maybe the author was trying to squeeze in way too much story (mostly background) into a single issue…and it just felt odd. When you’re reading, there is something of a zone that you get into where you are totally immersed in this story and this world, and that’s where an author or writer or anyone else wants you when you’re reading. That’s what keeps you coming back. But sometimes, something that is written or shown or something as simple as how a statement is phrased, can be jarring enough to bring you out of that zone. I feel like the exposition moments did exactly that…and I enjoyed the story much less because I couldn’t keep myself in it and interested.

Most Wikipedia Searches Required

Wonder Woman TPB #1 – Not knowing much about Wonder Woman OR the Greek Pantheon, I spent a lot of time on Wikipedia looking up information just so I would have a sense of what was going on! It’s still a good story, and I would definitely recommend it as something everyone should try, but it did take me a while to get through just because I was so unfamiliar with all of this!

Most Confusing

Nothing This Week

Worst Pick

Polarity #1 – So now, part of me wants to sit here and say that I probably shouldn’t be so trusting of recommendations that I get from people online, but I’ve gotten a lot of good recommendations from people here. This is one of the first real flops that was recommended to me. It’s bound to happen – but it does make me sad. The idea of highlighting mental illness and portraying it truthfully is a really appealing idea to me. I hope someone does eventually try it with better success than this…

Personal Favorite

Saga #12 – I’m kind of surprised a Saga issue hasn’t made its way to this category before. I really loved this issue. Even when not a whole lot was happening, it was still really interesting. Some background to Prince Robot and then the fencing-match-conversation that he had with the author. I got to the end and wondered where the rest of the issue had gone! Written wonderfully and an ending that, while it shouldn’t have been surprising, still caught me off guard, this is a book I would recommend happily to anyone!

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week

  1. Captain Marvel #1-#7 – This is specifically for the Gender Through Comics class. I’ve already read #1, but I will be reading the rest for the first time. I’m kind of excited about this one. I’ve been wanting to read more Captain Marvel!
  2. Ms Marvel #1 (vol 1 and 2) – Again, specifically for Gender Through Comics. Not sure what I’m going to think about these. We shall see
  3. Nova #3 – Excited to see where this series is going after the last issue and meeting the guy on the moon…
  4. Superior Spider-Man #8 – A showdown between Otto and the Avengers? This could be interesting…
  5. X-Men Legacy #9 – I’m always happy when this series comes out with a new issue. They’re always entertaining!
  6. Captain Marvel #12 – And more Captain Marvel – So excited to be getting to read so much of her this week!
  7. Avengers Assemble #14 – Yes, this is an AU tie in, but it’s still a series I adore, so I had to pick it up…
  8. Ultron #1 – I was curious to see if this would be any good….
  9. Wolverine #2 – Left the last issue wondering just where they were taking this series. I’m hoping to get more of an idea with this issue!
  10. Daredevil TPB #3 – Can’t ever have too much Daredevil!
  11. Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #3 – Also can’t have too much Wolverine & the X-Men!
  12. Morning Glories TPB #2 – After the massive cliffhanger we got with the last TPB, you better believe I need more now!
  13. The Massive TPB #1 – I actually started this one earlier this week but couldn’t finish in time for the opinions on Monday. Hopefully I’ll finish it this week!
  14. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz – I’m going to get around to reading these at some point…
  15. Watchmen TPB – I’m going to get around to reading these at some point…
  16. Avengers vs. X-Men – I’m going to get around to reading these at some point…

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