Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

I’m going to be really harsh on series this week, guys, because I’m working on figuring out just what series I want to keep reading, and which ones I am not interested in continuing. You’re going to see a lot of drops in this post and on Monday’s post as I figure out just what series I want to keep reading.

Superman: Birthright

I really enjoyed this story, although I don’t know a whole lot about the title character. I’ve never read a Superman story before. I have seen a movie here and there (not quite sure which ones…) and I saw the odd episode of Smallville, but that’s all the exposure I’ve ever had to the Man of Steel. Like with every other, this got bonus points just for being an origin story (because I LOVE origin stories!), but it was also told really well. I feel like the storytelling was pretty spot on, and pretty in line with a basic storyline concept that I’ve been brought up with: You start off with how life typically is (i.e. Clark trying to hide who he is but can’t stop himself from trying to help people at the very beginning), then one day something changes (i.e. he decides to stop trying to hide who he is). Because of that, these things happen (moves to Metropolis, gets a job at Daily Planet, meets Lois and Lex) which cause something else to happen (Lex attacking Superman’s character and launching the attack on Metropolis) and finally ends with this (Superman saving the city and redeeming himself). It’s classic storytelling, but the details and the character interactions make it an interesting read. The history behind Lex and Clark would be really interesting to read more about, and I would love to see how this dynamic ends up playing out as they move from this point in the story. I was also really enjoying what we got of Lois. I would be interested in reading more about her! Superman, himself…I’m just not sure. There’s nothing wrong with him…I just don’t really find him all that interesting on his own. Still, this story is well worth the read!

Final Opinion: Solid

Batwoman TPB #1 and Issue #0

I only have two words for this series: THE ART!!!! Oh my word, the artist must be having so much fun with this series…every new page just looks so interesting and so different. I think I lost track of the story a few times because I was too busy staring at the pretty! Does anyone else think that the style changed from page to page, from scene to scene sometimes? It felt like there were multiple artists for this series, who took over every couple of pages. Except there is only one artist! At least I think there’s only one artist….The story itself was good, and answered a question I had been wondering about (why hadn’t we seen Batwoman in the Batman comic with all of the other characters). I like Kate Kane as a character so far, and I plan on picking up the next TPB to see where this goes!

Final Opinion: Must Read (or at least Must Look At)!!

Captain America #2 – #5

SM was really raving about this series, so I thought I would catch myself up and see what all the fuss was about. This is probably one of the few times that we really don’t see eye-to-eye on a series. I just think it was so-so. The story was kind of interesting as was the setting, but there was nothing that was so interesting or so intriguing that I wanted to continue reading. The characters just were – I didn’t feel any interest or connection with them. And even with the ending that was in #5, I really don’t feel a compelling need to know what happens next. I’m entirely indifferent about this, and I think that says enough about the series to know what I  need to do.

Final Opinion: Drop

Hawkeye #9

Poor Clint is having a rough day! So, I’m not sure if Hawkeye has ever truly disappointed me. This one had a slightly different tone (in that we had a Clint who was rather down on himself…though after having two very important people upset at him and probably that initial call from the Avengers, he has good reason to be) but the storytelling and some of the humor were still spot on. Its the first time we’ve honestly seen consequences for some of the things Clint has been doing recently, which was a change of pace. The characters were all really well done and they were all fun to read in their own little parts. And the ending…OMG THE ENDING! Someone please give me #10…NOW. Because that ending did not just happen….

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Avengers #9

This series just has me so confused – and don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I feel like I get through it and I’m not sure what I just read. We know what the pods Ex Nihilo sent were – we know that one is still in the hands of AIM and the rest are just everywhere…until Starbrand accidentally destroys one. And now he’s locked away in Starks sun-construction thing. I think the repeat of the first few sentences from the start of the series in this one is emphasizing that this fight between Starbrand, Nighthawk, and the Avengers is an important event, but I’m still not quite sure how!

Final Opinion: Solid

Uncanny X-Men #4

I really don’t know what it is (or isn’t) about this series, but I have never been able to get into it like I do with All New X-Men. Its the same writer…and it’s a lot of similar characters between the two series. But this one I’m just not as interested in! Its like the same conundrum I’m having with Fantastic Four and FF, and I don’t understand why I can love one and just not be interested in the other. I honestly think in this case, it has something to do with the characters. I don’t think I find Present-Day Scott’s X-Men all that sympathetic. I like the new recruits…but we don’t spend a whole lot of time with them and I feel like I barely know them. Not to mention most of the female outfits just kind of annoy me…Unfortunately, I think it’s time to call it quits with this series.

Final Opinion: Drop

Thor: God of Thunder #7

This series just continues to get better and better. Last time (or was it two ago, not counting Gorr’s past?) we saw Present Day Thor meet Future Thor and now they are working together. This time, Gorr snatches Young (and nude) Thor to work on his (not-so) little project. The assumption is that, at some point, these three are going to meet up and have to work together…but when that might happen is still unclear. All we know is that Gorr is creating a bomb, thanks to the weird Green god that Present-Thor saved a few issues ago. I still love these characters (I guess it’s multiple, even though they’re all the same person) and every issue just gives you a little more insite into who they’ve become. Waiting for the next issue is going to be agony!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Secret Avengers #3

Okay, so this was an alright issue. Having two storylines, one that followed Nick and Daisy, and another that followed the rest of the team, kept things somewhat interesting. But at the end of the day, this is kind of following the same path as Captain America. I’m just indifferent to what’s going on. The gags are more cheezy and annoying than entertaining – and this from characters that I enjoy elsewhere! They just don’t come across that well in this series. Oh well…you can’t win them all, right?

Final Opinion: Drop

Age of Ultron #5

And so we see more of the Savage Land…and we get a whole lot more talking. Really guys? Really? Do we really need yet another multiple-page spanning discussion on just what step to take next? So little happens in every issue of this comic that it’s just getting annoying. I’m not entirely sure I even want to keep reading, because what’s the point? We’re just going to have another discussion next issue, more than likely between Wolverine and those who stayed behind about whether or not he should go, and possibly Wolverine and those that traveled in time (because they will inexplicably run into each other…). This story is getting tiring – I keep hoping they pick up and start running, and we end up with another story that just crawls. It makes me sad, because I still contend that the first issue of this series was amazing. And they took that awesome base and just shoved it into the dirt. Part of me wants to stick around because of this supposed event that is going to “change the Marvel universe”, but I’m not entirely sure I want to keep reading. Maybe I just pick up the last issue to find out what happens? I doubt much will happen between here and then.

Final Opinion: Drop

Batman #19

So, I was utterly confused by the beginning of this comic, which I think was the point of the scene to begin with. You kind of wonder if Bruce has really gone crazy…and then we jump back six days, and we get what should be an explanation (at least I’m assuming it is. I don’t put it past Snyder to completely surprise me). I get the feeling I’m supposed to know who Clayface is, and I don’t at the moment! I looked him up on Wikipedia rather quickly, so I have an idea of what he can do (although it looks like they went to the original guy that was Clayface, and there have been a lot of other people that have been the same villain…) but I’m curious to see how this ends up going…and just where Snyder is going with this!

Final Opinion: Solid

Saga #12

Okay, so before we get into this opinion blurb, I just have to say that on my first read-through of this issue, I got to the end and was like…”Okay, so where is this ridiculously explicit sex scene?” I had to go back through it and look really hard to find what everyone had been talking about. I do not get what all the fuss was about!

Outside of that, I liked this issue. We focused on Prince Robot the entire issue, which was interesting, as we haven’t seen a whole lot of him lately. Getting a quick (and kind of gruesome) blurb of his past and what he’s been up to since we last saw him was good. There wasn’t a whole lot going on this this issue, but it was done really well still. The conversations between the author and Prince were fun…almost like they were fencing (thats the mental image that came to mind at least) even when the weapons weren’t pulled out. They were always trying to get the best of each other. And the ending…well, I should have seen it coming…but I didn’t . And that always makes me happy!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Green Arrow #17

I’ve been trying to slowly work my way into the DC universe, since 90% of what I currently read is Marvel. A little diversity never hurt anyone, right? That was the biggest motivation behind picking this series up. And I started from 17 because I knew it was a new creative team from this issue out, so I figured it was a decent place to start. Well…I’m not entirely sure what I read…Never heard of Oliver Queen, don’t really know much about him. And it feels like we flew through any sort of intro and right into a storyline – and considering we’re on issue 17, that’s to be expected. I just hope I learn more about him as the series continues…and find out what this island is. Because I am thoroughly confused at the moment…Otherwise, it was a decent comic. It seemed a bit rushed at times, and I had a hard time making out exactly what was going on from panel to panel in some of the action sequences, but it was interesting enough. I’d at least try issue 18 to see where this goes.

Final Opinion: Iffy

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions – Friday Edition

  1. olivia217 says:

    Can’t believe you’re not enjoying Uncanny X-Men, I’ve loved it so far 🙂 I’m not surprised you’re dropping Age of Ultron, it’s been pretty slow :/ I’m not up to date with Saga but what I’ve read I’ve loved 🙂

    • cr8zygurl says:

      It seems like people usually really like one or the other – I’m a huge fan of ANXM. Not one of those issues has misstepped in my opinion, so I guess that’s where my taste lies. I could see how anyone would like Uncanny, but it’s just not something I enjoy 🙂

      You really should catch up with Saga when you get the chance. The next trade is coming out soon-ish, so it’d be a good place to go from!

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