Comic Newbie Week in Summary (4/3 – 4/9)


This felt like a really good week with everything I read – almost everything was really good! Usually its pretty mixed, but everything was on point this week! I’m pretty happy with most of what I picked up. This coming week is going to be interesting, because there are so many new issues coming out. Also, I do plan on making those cuts sometime this coming week – I think I finally worked out a system of putting every series in order and then looking at the ones at the bottom and cutting from there. There will probably be a few that have been doing alright lately that still don’t make the cut, and I have an idea of what they will be, but I’ll do a post on it at some point. It just feels like it’s time to cut the sheer number of series I’m reading!

The Gender Through Comics class has been really interesting so far. It has mostly been on Gender in society and how it is learned and expressed. We do talk some about what we see in comics, but the bulk of what we seem to be learning has been about gender as a concept in and off itself, which has been pretty fascinating. Did you know there are societies that have more than two genders? Many have three…but some have up to 8! I thought that was such an interesting idea, and I really want to look more into those societies that have extra genders and see what all they do! It also just makes me kind of sad that our society is so hell-bent on only seeing two.

Plenty to read this coming week, so keep an eye out for the Opinions that will be coming out!

Category Rankings

Easiest To Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge

Strangers in Paradise, Pocket Edition #1 – Okay guys, yes, I know, it’s another #1 under this category, but hear me out a bit on this one. Yes, this is the beginning of the series, which always makes it easy to pick up. However, it’s also so grounded in reality, especially Volume #1, that you can’t help but relate to things that are already going on. Terry Moore has written some incredibly fun and interesting characters, especially as you get further into the story (they’re more two-dimensional in the first volume…). I will definitely be picking up more of this series…as soon as I get my list of comics to read a little shorter!

Most Likely To Hold Your Attention

Morning Glories TPB #1 – Oh geez, how can this one not hold your attention. Crazy school with some insane secrets and only getting hints of clues as to what’s going on. This one had me on the edge of my seat, and I could not put it own until I had read the whole thing. Each character in this story is interesting in their own right, but then throw this story on top of them all, and it’s just crazy. Each little hint we’re given only makes me want to read more!

Most Surprising Issue

Mind The Gap #9 – I have to admit, I was a little worried about what a silent issue would look like and how it would work, but the writer and artists really pulled this one off well. The storyline was clear and interesting and tied up some things that we are sure will affect the future. It might have been more of a filler issue, but it was still done very well. I was surprised and impressed that they pulled this off!

Most Surprising Ending

Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #1 – Wait…what? How did Kitty get pregnant in the span of two pages?!?! There was pretty much no lead up into this, or any hint that anything like this was going to happen. I assume we get an explanation in later issues, but man, that totally shocked me.

Most Repetitive

Age of Ultron #4 – Even though we had plot movement this week, we spent a while just talking about plans again. With so little movement going on in four issues and being near the halfway mark, it’s just kind of sad. Something is going to happen sometime, right?

Least Likely To Hold Your Attention

Nothing This Week

Most Wikipedia Searches Required

Nothing This Week

Most Confusing

Winter Soldier #16 – This issue really just left me confused…and I’m not entirely sure it’s because of the continuity I don’t know. I feel like some things weren’t explained well, and we were just kind of tossed in and expected to float. That can work with some stories, but there’s a limit to how much a reader can accept without explanation, and I think we may have crossed it with this one.

Worst Pick

Thanos Rising #1 – I’m really sad this issue ended up here. I had pretty high hopes for it because it was an origin story and it’s by a writer whose work I love elsewhere. Maybe I was just missing something, or maybe this one just didn’t get the care that his Thor storyline gets, but it left me confused and sad. It just didn’t feel right.

Personal Favorite

Strangers in Paradise Pocket Edition #1 – Yes, this is here a second time. No, I have no good explanation. It’s just how this worked out…So, in our class discussion board, opinions of this story are kind of all over the board. A lot of people seemed pretty upset because the characters, especially in the first volume, seemed very one-dimensional and not all that interesting. Honestly, I thought the exact opposite. Yes, at the very beginning they definitely stuck to simpler personalities, but there wasn’t really the room to go any further than that. When you started getting into the second volume, the characters expanded pretty dramatically – and just the addition of their histories made this a much more interesting read. I really hope that the story keeps going like this because I want to pick up the next pocket edition and I can’t wait to read it!

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week

  1. Superman: Birthright – Reading this for the Gender Through Comics class. It’ll be my first ever Superman comic, which just feels weird to say. I hope it’s a good one!
  2. Action Comics #1 & #267 – Also for the Gender Through Comics class. Not entirely sure what to make of this, as I’m not entirely sure what this comic is about…I suppose I’ll find out!
  3. Hawkeye #9 – AHHH! SO EXCITED!!! It feels like it’s been a REALLY long time since we got new Hawkeye, so I’m really excited for more!
  4. Avengers #9 – And the craziness continues. After the return to Mars in the last issue, I want to see where Hickman is going to take us next!!
  5. Batman #19 – I’m finally caught up with the rest of you on this series!! So now I get to fall into the same torment, huh? No more reading an entire arc all at once…this might not have been a good idea…
  6. Saga #12 – Who ISN’T Excited for this one to come out?
  7. Thor: God of Thunder #7 – Back to the main storyline (I think…) and I can’t wait to see where this series goes from where we left it in #5!!
  8. Scarlet #7 – SO MANY GOOD COMICS coming out this week! Excited for more Scarlet, especially since we left off at yet another rally in issue #6 and who knows what is going to happen this time around!
  9. Uncanny X-Men #4 – I can’t really say I’m excited for this one. I haven’t been a huge fan of this series since it started, but maybe it can redeem itself.
  10. Secret Avengers #3 – I really should just drop this series…I am not excited at all for this one.
  11. Uncanny Avengers #2-#5  – Took me a bit to track down the back issues of this series, but now I get to read them all. Should be interesting!
  12. Captain America #2-#5 – SM has been singing the praises of Captain America, so I tracked down the back issues to give this a shot.
  13. Green Arrow #17 – I’ve been hearing about this series on here and through Tumblr, so I figured I’d give it a try where the new creative team started. If I like it enough, I can pick up trades of what I missed!
  14. Polarity #1 – I like the idea of a comic that centers around a character with Bipolar disorder, so this should be interesting.
  15. Winter Soldier #17 – Giving this series one more go before making a final decision
  16. Batwoman #0 and Batwoman TPB Vol #1 – Another recommendation from SM!
  17. Wonder Woman TPB #1 – Slowly working my way into some more DC titles – this was yet another recommendation!
  18. The Massive Vol #1 – This was a random pick-up on my part, but it looked interesting!
  19. Wolverine & The X-Men Vol #2 – I’m excited for this one. I really enjoyed the first trade, so I’m hoping this one keeps it up!
  20. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz – The cute just might kill me 😛
  21. Avengers Vs. X-Men – I will get around to reading this eventually!!

2 thoughts on “Comic Newbie Week in Summary (4/3 – 4/9)

  1. Love this, you are reading a lot of material! Glad you are enjoying it. Comics can be so rewarding with a depth and nuance that can be quite surprising to the newbie.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I totally agree! I don’t think i knew what i was getting myself into when I started, but I’m glad I took the leap because there is so much good material here!

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