Mini Opinions – Friday Edition

Strangers in Paradise: Pocket Edition #1

This was one of the many books I picked up for the Gender Through Comic Books class I’m currently taking, and I am really glad this one ended up on the list because I think I’m going to have to grab the next few editions and keep reading. There was a really good story here, which characters that I couldn’t help but enjoy – I really want to know where their story goes from here, so now I need to keep my eye out for the 2nd pocket edition!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Rachel Rising TPB #1

Another series I picked up because of the Gender Through Comic Books class. Rachel Rising is probably one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever read. I’m not usually a fan of horror, but we were only supposed to read the first issue, and I was so intrigued by it that I went ahead and read the rest of the TPB. It’s creepy as hell…the little girl is freaking me out…but the storyline is intriguing and I really want to know where this is going. So I will continue on…just ignore me if you find me hiding under a blanket or something!

Final Opinion: Solid

Indestructible Hulk #6

Well NOW this is getting intriguing! We’re getting more of what I’ve been wanting, Banner and the Lab assistants, and less of Hulk in this issue, which was a nice change of pace. Not to mention you’ve got the mystery of why Thor suddenly doesn’t remember Banner (Time Travel? Different Dimension?) on top of the Frost Giants that are trying to kill them. I really enjoyed this issue! And I wasn’t expecting to at all. I was thinking I was going to have to make a decision on whether or not to drop this one, but I guess that can wait for another day…

Final Opinion: Solid

Superior Spider-Man #7

This was a good issue! Between Peter starting to gain some extra control, Otto starting to hear some of the things Peter is saying more clearly, Otto not doing such a good job with the PR department (I don’t think those cops are going to look at Spider-Man the same way for a while…) and the Avengers swooping in, it was a pretty interesting ride! We’re clearly not done with Cardiac, but we’re definitely moving to the point that Otto is going to be outed…or an outlaw. Not entirely sure which. And there’s also the question of, even if Peter can somehow regain control, does he kick Otto out? Or do they end up both sharing his body? That could be… weirdly interesting…

Final Opinion: Solid

All New X-Men #10

Oh geez…this one was heart pounding. Mystique and her crew is still running around doing god-only-knows-what. And the you have the two groups of X-Men meeting and someone (we still don’t know who) defecting. I honestly thought it would be Scott, but that doesn’t look right. Maybe Jean? Just a hunch…We don’t get to see who it is this week…blarg. I’m assuming the reveal will be in the next issue. But this one really made you think. With each issue, I feel worse and worse for Young Scott – tossed into a hell where you’re older self has done something you can’t imagine, and all you’re really hearing is the opinions of everyone else as to why you did what you can’t imagine you’d do. It’s got to be hard! Really enjoyed this issue – and I am really glad I started reading Wolverine & The X-Men because it was really fun to see some of those characters here, even though they didn’t play such a huge role. I also loved Bobby’s reaction to Krakoa!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Thanos Rising #1

Yes…I did get the Skottie Young cover for this one…I told you I was going to get at least one of them, right? And when I went to the Comic Store, it was quite literally staring me in the face. Same price as the regular cover. I had to pick it up!

I’m not quite sure about this one, though. I’ve said it before, I love origin stories, which is why I really thought I’d enjoy this one. On top of that, its Jason Aaron writing, and given how much I love Thor, I figured this couldn’t be too far off the mark, right? …well, apparently not. This story just feels confused. I’m not sure if Young Thanos is supposed to be a loner who’s trying to fight off demons, or a regular kid with friends and something of a normal life. It’s like they’re trying to play both hands, but…you can’t be both. Either you’re well liked and well adjusted as a kid, or you aren’t. I couldn’t quite figure out which one Thanos was. From his parents, one who pays him little attention and another locked away, you’d think he’d be very badly adjusted. From the other kids, you’d think the exact opposite. It didn’t make sense. And the masacre of the lizards at the end of the story didn’t seem like nearly enough justification for what we know (or at least it’s alluded to) he becomes. It was an interesting attempt…but there as something very off about it. I’m not quite sure if I’ll pick up the next one of this or not, but we shall see.

Final Opinion: Potential Drop

Age of Ultron #4

This issue was definitely a step up from the last two issues – we actually have plot movement!! We know a little more about Ultron (did anyone else think it kind of looked like Ultron was controlling Vision, not that Vision was acting of his own accord? It seemed like he was trying to warn the others before he was reigned back in…), why we haven’t seen him until now, and we have our three disparate teams put back together. And we have an even crazier plan going forward. It feels like the story FINALLY started, and the last three issues were just set up for everything that happened here. I still think the same affect could have been achieved without wasting two issues, but thats not my call. I’m just glad to have a storyline again!

Final Opinion: Solid (Low end of Solid, but enough to keep me reading)

Mind The Gap #9

This was an interesting concept for an issue – take the most recognizable part of the comic that the author contributes, and pull it entirely out. Let the artwork alone tell a story. I have no doubts that there was still a script that the writer handed in, but I think it’s actually kind of a nice idea to let an artist shine without your help. The artwork through this issue honestly reminded me of Hawkeye a lot, in terms of the limited color palette and the shading, but the panel placements weren’t quite as interesting. The story was interesting, though not quite as engrossing as some of the other issues I’ve read for Mind The Gap. Jo is certainly going to be affected by everything that just happened here, but it’s not entirely clear how. Also, it looks like reveals are coming up in the next issue, so that should be interesting!

Final Opinion: Solid

Avengers Assemble #11-#13

Yep…I’m just going to have to start following anything that DeConnick writes from now on…I’m hooked! I love the way she does characters, the little one-liners and silly quips between characters. They just make me laugh! They aren’t the most complicated stories in the world, by any means, but they’re entertaining, and I love that about them. These three issues were just fun to read. Finishing up the story from 9 and 10, and then a whole new story in 12 and 13 with Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman, and I really just had a blast reading them. This may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I definitely plan on continuing!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Winter Soldier #16

I really don’t know where to start with this one because I am SO CONFUSED! I get that Roberts and Bucky aren’t friends because of Bucky killing his handler – does Roberts not know Bucky did this? Because I could have sworn he did last issue. Not to mention little Tesla…who is she? Is she’s Robert’s Daughter? She just kind of appeared in the narrative, and I’m a little lost with out she fits into all of this. I have no idea who they were after when they went to the crazy military island….I am just very confused. Narrative didn’t work very well this time around, unfortunately…

Final Opinion: Iffy

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2 thoughts on “Mini Opinions – Friday Edition

  1. thepuremood says:

    Oh man, I love this new arc of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE so much. I mean, I don’t want to be that guy, but sometimes it’s fun to have that nostalgic itch scratched, and this just feels like old-school AVENGERS comics. I love Hickman’s epic myth weaving and political + moral intrigue, but boy, it’s fun to read a book with Marvel superheroes cracking wise and fighting lizard monsters. I mean, yeah it’s also about drugs and slavery and it’s pretty effed up…maybe it’s just Pete Woods nifty artwork. Anyway, I like that series a lot!
    AGE OF ULTRON is bumming me out so far. I loved the first issue but boy, not a lot has happened since! And that’s shipping FOUR times in one month! Imagine if it had been four months by now!
    I love RACHEL RISING. You say you don’t like horror, but if you find yourself hooked on getting scared, I really recommend checking out B.P.R.D. That’s pretty well the best ongoing comic series of all time for me, but it’s just plain great horror, too. THE SIXTH GUN is another fun horror series. Anyway, also a blast to read your posts!

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I don’t blame you about Age of Ultron at all…I keep hoping it picks up, but yeah, we haven’t had a whole lot happen since the first issue! This last issue was the most plot movement we’ve had so far! But I’m probably going to keep reading…if only to find out how this all ends up playing out…

      Avengers Assemble is so much fun to read! Though it doesn’t look like we’re getting a new one any time soon – the next two issues are both AU tie ins, written by a different writer, which makes me sad. I hope we see more soon!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts! I keep hoping someone gets something out of these, so I’m glad when people say they are!

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