Comic Newbie Week in Summary (3/27-4/2)


This week was a slower week, but no less interesting! Still working on finding the writers and series that I want to follow long-term, though I think I’m slowly making decisions in my head. Expect some more cuts to be coming in the next few weeks!

Also, the Gender Through Comics class started up yesterday, so I may be more absent than usual from here! The class has only been running for one day, but I’ve already done all the reading and been through all of this weeks coursework one time (I’d like to read through it again either today or tomorrow). It’s really interesting so far, but we’re really just starting with a foundation. I think, if anyone is still interested in joining, there is still time to do so!

Reviews of the comics that I read for class will also be coming, but I will try to keep them short, and probably away from the topics we are talking about in class…at least until we’re done with the class. Then all bets are off!

Category Rankings

Easiest to Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – As always, a #1 issue falls into this spot, because they’re always the easiest place to jump in. On top of that, I don’t even think you would have needed to read the #0.1 issue to understand what was happening here. It was a good read, a good little introduction to all of the characters involved, and left you wanting to know more and see what happens next. I really enjoyed this issue!

Most Likely To Hold Your Attention

Avengers Assemble #10 – When you can scream at a comic “OH GOD NOT THE CRACKER! GIVE HIM ANYTHING BUT THE CRACKERS!” you know you’ve been totally and completely sucked in. I didn’t even realize I was so engrossed in the story until that happened! It also helps that this is an easier story to break into without needing to know a whole lot of continuity, or storylines from other series. It’s very much stand-alone, and you learn about characters bit by bit as needed, which was nice, especially when you’re brand new to all of this!

Most Surprising Issue

Fantastic Four #5 AU – I think I’ve stopped expecting much from Fantastic Four, which is why this one surprised me so much. The little video’s that the team left for the kids were heartbreaking. Reed’s especially, where, even though this was a video, he had to write everything down instead of say a word. It felt like a punch in the gut, especially when we find out what ultimately happens to him.

Most Surprising Ending

Saga #10 – I am not kidding at all when I say I was screaming at my comic book at the end of this issue. You cannot kill Lying Cat! He’s one of my favorite characters!! I’m glad things worked themselves out in #11 (and I’m REALLY glad I didn’t have to wait to find out…) but it took me a bit of recovery time just to continue – yes, I can be overly dramatic sometimes. Shut up.

Most Repetitive

Age of Ultron #3 – It feels like we did a lot of talking in issue #2, and that talking just continued right into this issue, in spite of Cap standing up and saying he had an idea (which, in my opinion, should have led to straight action…not more talking and more debating…) It feels like we’re just eating up space, and I don’t know why that’s necessary. If they didn’t have enough story to take up 10 issues or 12 issues or however many this is supposed to take, then make a shorter series! It feels like we had no story progression in #2, and very little in #3 – the ending being the only real story progression, though me being a noob, I really don’t understand Vision’s significance. He just feels like another character I don’t know, no matter how bizarre with his half-a-body.

Least Likely To Hold Your Attention

Nothing This Week

Most Wikipedia Searches Required

FF #5 – We were introduced to a LOT of new characters really quickly in this one…and if you aren’t paying attention or don’t have a blog where people answer your questions, you may not even know where to start with this one! But the inclusion of Medusa’s son, her niece and sister (?), and the rest of the Frightful Four was enough to leave me scratching my head. So many characters to look up!!

Most Confusing

East of West #1 – Again, this category is not meant to be a bad thing in this case! I am in awe of Hickman’s storytelling and world-building, and we only got a taste of it in this issue…but I had to read through the issue a couple of times just to have an idea of what was going on! We were seeing so many different things from multiple points of view, and the jumps from one section to the other, though they weren’t jarring, just added to the confusion of the whole story. I feel like that’s the point, that we’re not supposed to really understand what’s happening yet, but it still falls into the “Most Confusing” category!

Worst Pick

Fantastic Four #4 and #5 – I’m having a hard time picking between the two because I honestly don’t remember the differences between the two. There’s so little storyline here that they just tend to run together. Which makes me sad, because I really want to like this series…but it just can’t seem to pick up steam!

Personal Favorite

Avengers Assemble #9 – I’m starting to feel like DeConnick is a writer that I’m just going to have to follow no matter where she goes. I always get sucked into the characters she has…I know she has some series outside of Marvel that I’m going to need to look up at some point, but I feel like i need to catch up on the gigantic pile of comics that I already own first! This was a fun read, if only for the little funny moments that are interjected all throughout the story!

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week

  1. Strangers in Paradise, Pocket Edition, Volume 1 – This is specifically for the Gender Through Comics class. I’ll give a brief opinion of it at some point!
  2. Rachel Rising TPB Volume 1 – Also for the Gender Through Comics class.
  3. Mind The Gap #9 – This is supposed to be the Silent issue, which I am really curious about!! I’m not quite sure how they’re going to pull this off, but it should be exciting!
  4. All New X-Men #10 – After last issues ending, I’m dying to see what happens – what are both sides going to do…and who is defecting?
  5. Superior Spider-Man #7 – Spider-Man vs. The Avengers…that could be interesting. At the very least, we know Otto’s secret is starting to unravel. It’s only  a matter of time before people start to figure things out…
  6. Indestructible Hulk #6 – Can I hope things are better in this issue?
  7. Age of Ultron #4 – I’m hoping for a bit of an explanation here for those of us that don’t know who Vision is!!
  8. Thanos Rising #1 – Not sure if this is a good one to pick up, but I figured I’d try it!
  9. Avengers Assemble #11-#13 – After the first two of this series, I’m pretty excited to read more!
  10. Batman #12-#18 – Oh, I hope I can find time to get through this entire series. I’ve really been wanted to start this arc!!
  11. Daredevil TPB #2 – After the first TPB, there was no way I wasn’t going to pick up the second!
  12. Wolverine & The X-Men TPB #1- Actually red this on Monday evening, but it was too late to make it into last weeks opinions. So it’ll be in this week!
  13. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz TPB, The Marvelous Land of Oz TPB, Ozma of Oz TPB, Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz TPB- Yes, I went a little CRAZY with TPBs this week…
  14. Morning Glories TPB #1 – I’ve heard so many good things about this series that I’m really excited to try it myself!
  15. The Massive TPB #1 – This looked interesting when I was looking through TPBs so it got picked up as well
  16. Batwoman TPB #1 – Picked up on a recommendation from SM!
  17. Watchmen TPB – I actually picked this one up on my very first trip to a comic book store, on the advice from the owner of the place. I’ve read a bit…but it’s pretty long and I don’t think I’ll finish any time soon!

4 thoughts on “Comic Newbie Week in Summary (3/27-4/2)

  1. thepuremood says:

    Oh, STRANGERS IN PARADISE is just great. You’ll love it. It’s honestly unlike anything else out there – it’s sort of a melodramatic ARCHIE style love triangle crossed with a PULP FICTION style gang story and mixed with over the top LOONEY TUNES humour. It’s insane, but it’s also very real and moving. Like so many others, WATCHMEN is really what got me seriously hooked on comics, so it’ll be interesting hearing your thoughts on it. I had to read it about eight times before it really sunk in.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I really enjoyed SIP a lot for a lot of the reasons you mentioned, but mostly because of it’s more realistic portrayal – I really liked the characters (especially starting in Volume 2) and I want to read more about them, so I need to keep my eye out for the second pocket edition!

      I saw the movie Watchmen a while back…I don’t remember much about it except that I thought it was interesting, but not enough that I looked into it more. So we shall see what happens with this one!

  2. “I really don’t understand Vision’s significance.”
    The Vision was initially created by Ultron to infiltrate the Avengers and lead them to their doom. He saw the light and turned against his creator though. Looks like in Age of Ultron he’s fallen under the villain’s sway yet again.

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