Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Pretty crazy weekend, so I didn’t get to a whole lot this time around…oh well. I will catch up eventually, right?

East of West #1

I had absolutely no excuse for not knowing what I was getting myself into with this title. Maybe when I picked up Avengers, when I didn’t know the type of story Hickman tells, maybe then I had an excuse. With this one, I knew what I was getting myself into….at total and ridiculously addicting mindf%*#. And that’s exactly what we got. I am totally hooked here! And totally confused! There are so many little moving parts that show hints of being related to one another, but we’re not sure quite how. The world that Hickman has constructed is kind of amazing, and there’s no way to catch every little detail or every little nuance until we get the rest of the story. I had to read the issue twice as it is, and I’m sure I missed things…and that’s what make this exciting for me. Because you can see the potential straight out of the gate. I can’t wait for more!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Saga #7-#11

I am SO ADDICTED to this series…I really do not know how to stop! I just keep wanting more, and while I was behind that was always possible. Now, I have no idea how I’m going to wait a month for each new issue! Loved this so much, and I am so invested in these characters. I nearly had a heart attack when Lying Cat went flying out of the ship. SM was on IM with me and I started hysterically screaming at her because HE COULDN’T BE DEAD!

Ahem…sorry! What I mean to say is, I love every character here, no matter what side they’re on, or what they’re doing. The very end of issue 11, with Barr’s eventual fate just made me so sad. We knew it was coming at some point, but that just seemed so quick. I was sad to see it happen. Every character in this series is so interesting that I want to keep reading and I want to know more about them. This series is knocking it out of the park every time, and I hope it never ends!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Batman #12

This was a cute little break between the last arc and the upcoming arc. I really liked the main character. I get the feeling were never going to see her again, which I’m kind of sad about. But if I could only read a single issue this week, I’m glad it was a one-shot (otherwise I think I’d be going crazy!). Enjoyed this one a lot, and I’m really excited to (finally) get to the Death of the Family arc!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

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3 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

  1. “I really liked the main character. I get the feeling were never going to see her again, which Iā€™m kind of sad about.”
    You got to give Snyder more credit then that. He wouldn’t create a fantastic character like Harper Row and then toss her to the side. Let’s just say…you haven’t seen the last of her. šŸ™‚

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