Comic Newbie Week in Summary (3/20-3/26)


This was a fun week! I had a lot of free time, so I got through a lot of series that I’ve been saving for a while. Lots of really good series, and just as many flops, but what can you do? This is the only way to figure out what you do and don’t like, especially when you’re not the type of person to take people’s recommendation without question (sorry guys, but I have to read on my own and make my own opinion on everything!)

I quite enjoyed myself this week! But really, I don’t think I’m going to do many weeks where I read 26 issues and a TPB all in one week!! Especially now that real life things are going to be getting in the way (I’m buying a Condo! As exciting as that is, it eats up a LOT of time!) things might slow down. But then again, I’ve said that before and it hasn’t really happened, so who knows!

Still working on what the cutoff is going to be for dropping a series. I dropped 4 this week for very different reasons and after reading different amounts (some were dropped after 2 issues, others were dropped after 3), but I’d like to have a more formal system. I’m thinking of adding another rating (Potential Drop) for the first issue that’s bad but I want to give it another chance, and if it hits the same level again, then we do a full drop. Then, for Iffy’s, 3 in a row will create a drop (a Potential Drop, followed by two Iffy’s would also constitute a drop). And I can still do a full drop of a new series whenever. I just want to have a check on myself to make sure I’m not buying issues unnecessarily.

Category Rankings

Easiest to Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge

Daredevil TPB Vol #1 – Again, another beginning of a series which makes it really easy to pick up without prior knowledge! But Mark Waid also did a good job of explaining and/or showing everything you needed to know very early on and then just moving on from that point, which was really nice. The storylines are somewhat episodic, but they tend to bleed a little from issue to issue (as in, something that happens near the end of one issue is the set-up for the majority of the story in the next issue) which makes it feel a little less episodic. A great story to pick up if you’re just starting out!

Most Likely to Hold Your Attention

Scarlet #2 – I am a sucker for background and origin stories. I love learning about what brings a character to a specific point, and Scarlet #2 did exactly that, giving you the background, in little bits and pieces, on what drove Scarlet to do what she is doing. Doing it in those little bits and spurts actually made this issue even harder to put down because I really wanted to see the whole story behind what had happened, and the little bits we got just kept teasing us until the very end. Wonderfully done!

Most Surprising Issue

Sadly, nothing this week. Every issue pretty much fell where I expected them to fall…

Most Surprising Ending

FF #4 – This was not an ending I was expecting. I mean, we knew that Bentley was a supervillan’s son that didn’t always know when he was dipping into that legacy. I just figured this was all coming from him…it had the scent of a kid trying to do something with things he wasn’t supposed to have. I guess I never thought about how he got his hands on all of these things…until the very end. All I can say is….Frack! What is Medusa up to?!?!

Most Repetitive

Indestructible Hulk #5 – The Hulk has been following a pretty consistent pattern of a little bit of Banner, Hulk comes to attack giant powerful enemy, Hulk is seemingly destroyed, Hulk comes back and destroys giant powerful enemy. I keep hoping that we’re going to get more out of this series, but it’s just not materializing, and I’m slowly finding myself not caring. I’ll at least give this one another issue, but I think I’m going to have to make a decision if it doesn’t get any better.

Least Likely to Hold Your Attention

Katana #2 – This series has just a slow, subdued pacing to it that it kills of any good points that the story may have had. It feels like we get the barest of explanations of what is going on, if we get any explanation at all. It seems more like random story elements are being tossed together with the barest of threads holding them together. It just makes me sad, because I had such high hopes for this one.

Most Wikipedia Searches Required

Nothing This Week – I was reading so fast I didn’t have time for Wikipedia searches!

Most Confusing

New Avengers #4 – This series is probably always going to occupy this spot, because every issues just gets more confusing and more cerebral. We’re considering ideas that, morally, are complicated and choices are not easy. We’re not sure if they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, or even what the right thing should be in this situation. It makes for a very interesting, but very confusing, series!

Worst Pick

Insurgent #3 – I really shouldn’t have picked this one up. I knew from the last two issues that this was a series I didn’t want, but I held out hope that maybe they could fix things. Not so much. This was along the exact same thread as the last two issues and there really is no point to picking up the rest of this series.

Personal Favorite

Batman #10 – The one thing I love more than getting the pieces of a characters background or origin is a story that turns back on itself and shows us that the little things that were shown or mentioned near the beginning end up being plot points near the end. It makes the whole thing feel like a mystery, and that the writer really knew what they were doing when they started. This issue did exactly that, pulling up conversations that I hadn’t even picked up on when reading earlier issues. The whole thing just made me very happy!

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week

  1. Fantastic Four #4 and #5 – These may very well be the last issues I read of Fantastic Four. I keep hoping that Fraction gets on the ball and starts making this series better, but the first three haven’t given me a whole lot of hope…
  2. FF #5 – Really excited to see what they do with Medusa in this issue. After the cliffhanger we got, I have high hopes for this one!
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – Excited to see where they plan on taking this series. We got a glimpse of what they’re thinking with the 0.1 issue, but I want to see more!
  4. Age of Ultron #3 – I’m hoping for two things with this issue – that we move forward with the storyline, and that we find out a bit more of how we ended up in this position in the first place!
  5. X-Men Legacy #8 – This series has always been a wonderful distraction, and I haven’t been disappointed with an issue yet!
  6. East of West #1 – Another Jonathan Hickman story that just sounds like fun, and I want to try it out! If it’s anything like Hickman’s Avengers, I’m probably going to find myself sucked in…
  7. Young Avengers #3 – I really enjoyed the first two issues of this series, and I’m hoping #3 follows in the same vein!
  8. Fantastic Four #5 AU – I am not planning on picking up EVERY AU issue, but any series that I’m already reading I will pick up the AU issue if it’s there. That’s my plan at least. I’m not sure if that’ll work well…
  9. Superior Spider-Man #6 AU – Same as above
  10. Avengers Assemble #9 and #10 – Wanted to give this series a try, especially since it’s written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and I’ve really been liking her work on Captain Marvel. Starting at #9 because thats when DeConnick started writing (and it was easy enough to find those issues…before that was a little harder…)
  11. Saga #7-#11 – SO EXCITED to read these ones! After the TPB, I am totally in love with this story, and I can’t wait to get more!
  12. Winter Soldier #15 – Wanted to try out this series as well, and I figured jumping in where a new writer picked up would be a good starting point…
  13. Batman #12-#18 – This is the Death of the Family arc, and I’m really excited to get myself caught up on this one. I have heard LOTS of good things!
  14. Wolvering & The X-Men TPB Vol #1 – This one is also waiting on the back-burner until I find time to get to it.
  15. Avengers Vs. X-Men – Waiting on the back-burner until I can find time to read this.

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