Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

Insurgent #3

I feel like I wasted quite a bit of money this week. Between Fearless Defenders, Katana, and this one, I would have been happier picking up a TPB of something else! I was having a hard time understanding why I didn’t like this series. It’s got an interesting premise, really. But the story isn’t told well…and the characters are about as two-dimensional as you get. I don’t care about what happens to them. Oh well…I tried. But halfway into this story, I just can’t find it in me to care. I’ll be dropping this series as well…

Final Opinion: Drop

Mara #1-#3

I’m not quite sure what to think of this one. This world that the story is set in is fascinating. At the same time, the whole thing is driven by this plotline and we’re really learning nothing about the character other than what she’s been through. There’s very little about who she is as a person. That just makes me not care as much about what’s happening to her, because I feel like I barely know her. It makes me sad, because it seems like the story would be really interesting if I wanted to know the character. I just don’t right now.

Final Opinion: Drop

Scarlet #1-#5

Scarlet quickly became one of my favorite series from the moment I finished reading #6 a few weeks ago. Since then, I’d been trying to get my hands on the first five issues. It took a little while, but I was excited when I finally got them all! I love this series. Gritty and dark and a main character you want to hate and love all at the same time. Scarlet is also a really good example of what I want out of a female character in a comic book – a character that is strong and does whatever they’re gonna do and it doesn’t matter that they’re female. You can very easily picture a male in the same place and it wouldn’t change the story. Each issue is intense. This isn’t a series you can just devour in one sitting. I had to take a break between each issue. But it was totally worth it in the end. I definitely plan to continue this one now that it’s back on something of a normal schedule again!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Batman #7-#11

Finishing off the Court of Owls storyline this week, and I have to say, that was a beautifully crafted story. Having the story of Bruce’s childhood investigation come back, not to mention Lincoln March and the little things he had said, just made these final issues amazing. I love when a story comes back on itself, shows you that the details you needed were planted all through the story all along. The tenth issue of this series had me gasping aloud in multiple places, and I loved it. Now, I know the Death of the Family arc is coming up next, and I’m just as excited to read that one! If it’s as good as this one was, I’m going to enjoy myself!

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Daredevil TPB Vol #1

Finally got around to reading this one, and I am so glad that I did! I really knew nothing about Daredevil, other than the name. Never saw the movie. So I was a little skeptical about this one, despite the recommendations I got from many of you. This TPB completely changed my mind though. Wonderful story (or stories…Mark Waid is doing a rather good job of weaving stories together so that things don’t feel as episodic – it just feels like one giant story). They’ve set poor Matt up for some very bad things coming, though we don’t know exactly when. I like the art. It reminds me more of some of the scans I’ve seen of older comics – it seems to fall more into that style than some of the other series I’m reading. I really enjoyed myself! I will definitely be picking up the next TPB.

Final Opinion: Solid

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions – Monday Edition

  1. andythursby says:

    I’m loving Snyder & Capullo’s run on b
    Batman, it’s some of the best Batman I’ve read 🙂

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