Comic Newbie Week In Summary (3/13 – 3/19)


This as been a pretty awesome week 🙂 I’ve been trying out my new format and rating system, and I really like it! It leaves me with more free time, so I can work the rest of my life around reading and posting. It also lets me read a little quicker, so I feel like I’ve gotten through more of my unread pile this week than the week before. I can actually see myself catching up with all of the series that have been sitting on the back-burner, waiting to be picked up!

Now, I feel like I need to start focusing on individual series, and which ones I really want to continue reading versus which ones I need to drop. I have a hard time with this right now, especially when a series is tied into other series that I’m enjoying (I’m specifically thinking Fantastic Four and FF here, but there are others…). Still, there needs to be some way of saying that I’ve given any specific series enough of a chance, and now it’s time to let them go. So here’s what I’m thinking: With this new rating system, I know when I’m iffy about a specific issue. So it would make sense that if a specific series receives a number of “Iffy” ratings in a row, say 3, then I should probably stop picking up more of that series unless I start to hear it’s turning around. I’ve got some time before that is going to happen, so I’ll play with that idea for now and see what ends up happening!

I’m cutting out the question section this week because I forgot to keep track of questions!! I will try and pick it up again next week!

Category Ranking

Easiest to Pick Up Without Prior Knowledge:

Saga TPB Vol #1 – Again, the issue (in this case, the TPB) that is the start of a series is always the easiest one to pick up from the get-go. But still, Saga is going to remain pretty high on my list of comics because of the story that they are trying to tell and the way they are telling it. I am in awe of what I read, and I keep wanting more.

Most Likely To Hold Your Attention:

Batman #5 – This issue was insane! Batman going crazy so much that it requires you to flip the comic sideways and upside down in order to continue reading! I was flabergasted and amazed at the idea. And really, how can you not want to keep reading when you have an issue like this!

Most Surprising Issue:

Batman #3 – We got to waltz through Bruce’s past in this issue and, while I love knowing more about my characters, I usually find jumping into the background of an already established character a bit more of a filler issue. But this one I loved. I’m not even sure I can tell you why, but I was totally captivated by this kid trying to find out more about the Court of Owls and what his thoughts and deductions were. Really, really well done.

Most Surprising Ending:

Thor #4 – I always expected to be following the three different Thor’s through their own respective storylines. I did not expect one to show up in the other’s story line. That completely caught me off guard! It also made me that much more excited for the next issue, because I had to know how that was going to end!

Most Repetitive:

Age of Ultron #2 – Sad to put this here, but I felt like this issue really just rehashed what had already happened in issue 1 and showed us a lot of the same themes. I was glad we got to see that some heros are in other places and are also trying to figure out what to do next, but I think more could have been done in this issue.

Least Likely To Hold Your Attention:

Fantastic Four #3 – I was just having a hard time reading this one because I wasn’t at all invested in it. I seems like we have what should be these really interesting characters interacting and they’re going into unknown space. There has got to be plenty of story fodder when you can make up absolutely anything! But this just felt like a filler…where we get to see them punch a bunch of things growing out of the ground. It had no substance. If you don’t have a plot, that’s fine. But give us character development in those stories. We need one or the other, and preferably we’d have a bit of both. This one had neither…

Most Wikipedia Searches Required:

Nothing This Week…

Most Confusing:

Nothing This Week…

Worst Pick:

Secret Avengers #2 – I really should have reconsidered even getting this issue, but I liked the first one well enough (even though what I like has changed drastically in the little time between me reading #1 and #2) so I wanted to give this a go. What I got was a disjointed story-line, characters that I couldn’t make myself care for, and yes, a bit of a surprise ending, but nothing that makes me want to get the next issue right away. I was disappointed in this one.

Personal Favorite:

Thor #5 – This is the second week in a row that Thor has occupied my Personal Favorite category. Take from that what you will…I would not be surprised if it ends up here again. I loved this issue, the pacing, the time shifts between the three different Thors and how they wove together a wonderful story. These guys are seriously on fire, and I always look forward to the next issue in this series.

Comic Issues To Be Read This Week:

  1. Nova #2 – Excited to see where this one goes after the ending we got with issue #1!
  2. New Avengers #4 – Last issue left us with one heck of a cliffhanger…and I definitely want to see where they plan on taking this. There’s still a very real threat, one that may be related to what’s going on in the Avengers series. So I really want to know more!
  3. Indestructible Hulk #5 – This should be a completion of the story that started last issue. Not as excited about this one…in spite of what this series has going for it, it feels like Waid isn’t taking advantage of it. I’m hoping things will pull together soon, but we’ll see.
  4. Superior Spider-Man #6 – I’m thinking this may be a filler issue…just from what the summary says on the website. But we shall see…
  5. Avengers #8 – Looking forward to hearing more about StarBrand and seeing just where Hickman is trying to take this story. It seems so intricate and so complicated…I love it! But I’m also waiting for the action to start!
  6. All New X-Men #9 – So looking forward to this one! Mystique’s plan will be starting and you know that can’t be good. I’m excited to see where this is going to take us!
  7. Captain Marvel #11 – Seeing as this is the only female-led comic that I really enjoy, I’m hoping that this continues along the same thread that the last two were on!
  8. Fantastic Four #4 – Not at all sure about this one, but because it’s tied to closely in with FF, I’ve had a hard time putting it down. We’ll see if this one gets any better.
  9. FF #4 – After the announcement we got at the end of the last issue, I’m excited to see where they are trying to take this!
  10. Uncanny Avengers #1 – I had to pick up at least ONE new #1 to try. Haven’t heard anything about this series, so I figured I’d give it a try.
  11. Fearless Defenders #2 – I figured I’d give this series another try…I hope it’s better than the first issue I read…
  12. Katana #2 – Ditto to the above…
  13. Insurgent #3 – I’m hoping this story gets a little better, considering this will be the halfway point. But the first two weren’t really that on. We’ll see how this goes.
  14. Wolverine #1 – Another #1 that I wanted to try this time around. Hoping this is better than Savage Wolverine…
  15. Batman #7-#18 – I really just want to jump into this and devour the entire series, but I’m trying to space it out a little bit!!
  16. Scarlet #1-#5 – I’m still excited to get to these issues, but there hasn’t been time up until now. Hopefully I will find the time this week.
  17. Mara #1-#3 – I randomly stumbled onto this series and it looked interested so I thought I’d pick it up and try it!
  18. Wolverine & The X-Men TPB Vol #1 – A TPB that has been sitting on the backburner, waiting to be read. Hopefully this week.
  19. Daredevil TPB Vol #1 – Ditto to the above
  20. Avengers Vs. X-Men – I’m not too worried about this one sitting around. I’ll get around to it eventually.

3 thoughts on “Comic Newbie Week In Summary (3/13 – 3/19)

  1. Get Batman #7-18 devoured! One of the best runs in modern comics, hands-down.

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