Mini-Opinions, Attempt #1

Trying out the new format this week – let me know if you guys like this or not! Its definitely a little easier for me to do this than to do bigger posts for each issue!

Mind The Gap #8

Okay, so I’m not sure if maybe I’m just getting so lost in all the details that I’m missing things, but this may be the first filler-like issue for Mind the Gap. There were certainly some interesting tidbits in the conversations, but it feels like no new information was really introduced here. At least in terms of the mystery happening in the real world…the Garden is a different story. Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoyed the issue! It just wasn’t one of the better ones that have come out so far. I’m really looking forward to the next issue – which is supposed to be a “silent” issue 🙂

Final Opinion: Solid

Thor: God of Thunder #4

This story just keeps getting better and better as new elements are introduced. The mix of the three different timelines was perfect and every little bit just added to this mystery that we are still trying to solve: just what did Thor do to cause the God Butcher to do this, and what is Gor going to do in return. It seems like, even though these last three issues were supposed to focus on Young Thor, Current Thor, and Old Thor respectively, they did a pretty good job of balancing who you needed to see to drive the story forward without worrying about focusing on any specific one. And the ending of this one…if this doesn’t have you guessing, I don’t know what will…

Also, in case you’re wondering why I’ve only done #4…I haven’t managed to find #5 anywhere! It was available every time I’ve been to my local comic store…until Wednesday, when they were all gone. Oh well…I will have to track it down elsewhere.

Final Opinion: Must Read!

Fantastic Four #3

I feel like we got just another filler issue with this one. I mean, we finally got underway on our journey, and we hit up a planet that seems to mean nothing other than being a means to punch a bunch of things. We got a reminder at the beginning and end that Reed is sick, but we really didn’t need that reminder more than once. Everything else…well, we were given the idea that maybe Ben is homesick/depressed/not-himself for some reason. But really, nothing else. And that’s kind of sad. We already had a filler issue. We didn’t need another.

Final Opinion: Iffy

FF #3

I am still at a loss for why I am enjoying FF so much when I can’t get into Fantastic Four, who is by the same writer (and is also the writer of another series I love!). But FF continues to throw in little plot twists and solid stories that are just fun to read and keep you wanting to know more. Between Ant-Man going to get Darla and the rest trying to figure out what’s with this older-Johnny, I enjoyed what I was reading and the little things that were going on. You could very easily count this as a filler issue, seeing as we were really just getting Johnny’s story and a bit of characterization for Darla and possibly the Moloids. But it was entertaining enough that I barely noticed.

Final Opinion: Solid

Young Avengers #2

Young Avengers has been pretty good so far. I loved the rip on Tumblr as the recap of what happened last time, especially since the people who were “posting” were other Marvel characters. I liked the focus on Hulking, Wiccan, and Loki. It gave us some time to get to know these characters without feeling like we were drowning in too many characters and competing storylines. We did get a nod to Kate near the very end to show the connection, but I was happy with the main story here. The characters really feel like teenagers, which makes things that much more interesting. Though the ending was confusing…who’s Laufey?

On a completely random note…it’s a little weird to be reading young Loki when you’re watching Avengers at the same time – yes, I am obsessed 🙂

Final Opinion: Solid

Uncanny X-Men #3

Well…so much for an interesting fight. This issue was a whole lot of talking and trying to lay blame between the Avengers and the X-Men…but not a whole lot really happened (outside of the talking) until Eva froze the Avengers. And now…here’s where I have the biggest problem with this issue – did anyone else notice that, in the page where Eva froze the Avengers, we basically got an up-skirt shot? You are basically looking at her underwear…and its done in a way that really doesn’t require much imagination to see anything else…Sorry Bachalo, you lost points with that panel…Now the ending was interesting, but if we end up in another talking-fest of just who’s fault this situation is and who needs to be arrested/killed/blamed, then I don’t think I’m going to like it…

Final Opinion: Iffy

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Opinions, Attempt #1

  1. chasemagnett says:

    Laufey is Loki’s biological father, the ruler of the ice giants that you may remember from “Thor”.

    Also, I’m liking the rating system you’re using for the mini-reviews. These are really easy to digest for second opinions and recommendations.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      Oh good! I’m glad you are liking the smaller reviews 🙂 I was really worried that they weren’t as easy to follow or just less interesting for one reason or another! Thank you for the feedback!!

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