Twists and Turns (Mind the Gap #6 and #7)

Sorry for the absense, guys! I needed a bit of a break, so I spent most of yesterday and a good chunk of today watching YouTube videos! It was a lot of fun and gave me a lot of things to think about, but more on that later. For now, we’re up to the latest two issues of Mind the Gap:

I really wonder if I’m ever going to have anything bad to say about this series…every single time I pick it up, the storyline and the artwork just drag me back in and make me want more. We start off with a flashback between Katie and Elle, getting a tiny bit of Elle’s history and quite a bit more of Katie’s, including exactly what lie she was asking Elle to make sure to fix. Then the real Katie/Elle wakes up in the hospital and calls Jo, which ties us back into where we left last issue.

The rest of the issue follows the treatment of Katie, who’s condition seems to be mirrored in Elle’s real form as well. They are both experiencing the same phenomenon and both doctors Geller and Hammond are trying to treat their respective patient (Geller seems to be in charge of Katie) when they realize they are both trying to treat the same thing. After a few events that seem to have been pulled out of a movie on exorcism, we get probably the most interesting part of the story – a meeting between Hammond and Elle’s mother. The basic idea I got from this is that Elle is some sort of experiment subject, maybe? I’m not quite sure, but obviously Hammond is as involved as Elle’s mother, though we still don’t quite know what they’re doing…

Then we have the return of the assistant, who apparently did not die in that explosion. And how he’s trying to help out Dane, who is still in jail.

…seriously, everytime I think I have a read on where this is going, something else comes along and totally destroys that theory! I have had so many thoughts on so many different people – who is Hoodie, why are they doing this, what was Elle’s father so guilty about – so many little things that just make this more confusing. And I keep getting sucked back in! I so wish this was a biweekly release, just so we could get more, faster…though if the quality went down then I would be sad to! Ack!

I’m really not the best when it comes to mysteries…I know there are clues hidden everywhere, but I’m pretty sure I’m missing things…I tend not to be detail oriented unless I try really hard, and that really doesn’t happen when I’m reading anything for pleasure instead of for work. I feel like I need to go reread the whole series and maybe make a list of things to look for, then read the whole thing again and actually look for those things (sounds crazy, right?) This is just how far I’ve gotten sucked in!!

And more craziness ensues! I really don’t know what to say about this one…still beautiful. Still so many twists and turns with the story and the characters. Little tidbits of information that we want to know, but not enough to give us anything else. Obviously Katie and Elle are connected…and in a way that Elle did not connect with the last guy she possessed. As far as we know, nothing happened to Elle’s actual body during that time. But this time around, parallels seem to happen all over the place, except for actually waking up. The very end, where both girls are basically coding, is a little shocking.

I’m still trying to figure this out, guys…I mean, there’s rather obviously some sort of Organization behind Hammond and Elle’s mother and what they are doing. I think Elle’s father at least knows something about it. Not sure if he is or isn’t involved. I’m wondering if Hoodie is really Elle’s brother…but I’m not sure. It’s not Miles, Min, or Lonnie because they have interacted with him. It could be Frankie, it would explain how he could get his hands on medical data, but they quite clearly showed him in a different colored hoodie and pants. It’s not Dane because he’s stuck in Jail when Hoodie is running around. It could also be Hammond…but considering he’s a doctor, being away might not be as easy for him…though, if I remember correctly, he wasn’t around right when Elle was brought in, so it’s still a possibility – though it seems a little redundant. I don’t know…so many questions!!

I’m excited for the new issue that’s coming out tomorrow!! I’ll finally be fully caught up with everyone else on this series…but it also means I’m now going to have to wait a month before I get anything more. That is going to be hard!!

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