Dazed and Confused (Young Avengers #1)

SOO many questions running through my head right now, I’m not even sure I can keep them all straight! I will try and make a list instead of throwing them out all over the place, but I do not know what’s going on!

So we start the issue off with Kate Bishop (which just made me excited – I love her in Hawkeye!) and Noh-Varr, who I know is a Kree from the Wikipedia article on him. There is talking and dancing and then the Skrulls attack. I really liked the page that showed the attack, which all of the different panels and how it was all laid out – it took me a bit to figure out which direction to go in (down or right) but once I figured it out, I really liked it! We learn everything we need in relatively little space.

Next we are introduced to Hulking, who, as far as I can tell, is part Skrull and part Kree (I’m still not entirely sure what these two races are, but I’ve heard of both of them…). He has shape shifted to look like Spiderman (I found this kind of funny…), defeats a few would-be robbers, and then returns home. There, we find Wiccan, who’s mother is apparently Scarlet Witch. The two have a kind of quick exchange, and then Wiccan goes and starts looking through realities, though we’re not quite sure for what at this point.

Jump to Loki, who has made some sort of magical circle with random breakfast foods that actually float off the table and tell him that Wiccan is up to something, causing him to poof and reappear on Wiccan’s roof. He looks like he’s about to try and stop Wiccan with our last new character is finally introduced. Miss America Chavez…I’m not even going to get into how ridiculous that name is…I can’t find all that much information her. It doesn’t look like she has a very long history (especially compared to some characters in this universe). She’s none-to-happy that Loki appears to be trying to kill Wiccan and attempts to chase him off. Hulking intervenes and the two rather quickly disappear without explaining much of anything…

In the meantime, we have Wiccan, who is still looking through universes, find Hulking’s mother and then pulls her through to now. She and Hulking are reunited, and everything seems okay…until his mother shape shifts and attacks both of Wiccan’s parents.

All of this really left me with only one thought: What the %($* just happened? Seriously, there were so many little things and moving parts, and I do not know what is going on here! While everyone else’s storyline was tied together at least a little, Kate and Noh-Varr seem to be on something else entirely. Maybe they’ll all come together next issue? I’m not quite sure. All I know is, I’m so confused.

And now for the questions:

  1. Can Noh-Varr breathe in space? I know he has quite a few powers, but he shot out a window on his spaceship…and that’s got to mean he no longer has air…
  2. Has Kate always been this young? I kind of assumed she was in her 20s throughout Hawkeye. Is she supposed to be younger?
  3. When did Loki become a child? I’m pretty sure, from the history I’ve read, that he’s an adult most of that time…
  4. Is the woman that we saw Wiccan bring back actually Hulking’s mother (i.e. Princess Anelle) or is she the nurse that raised him on Earth? Or is she neither of those things…

Okay, so maybe not THAT many questions…but really, this one was confusing! I liked it…I want the next one…but I really hope they start explaining things soon!

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2 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused (Young Avengers #1)

  1. chasemagnett says:

    2. Yes. In the original “Young Avengers” title she was in high school, so I would guess she’s college-aged now, no older than 21.
    3. Loki was killed in the Marvel event “Siege” and was resurrected as a child. The story was told by Kieron Gillen in “Journey Into Mystery”.
    4. I believe that is supposed to be the Skrull nurse who smuggled him away from the Skrull empire and raised him.

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