Starting Over From The Beginning (Captain Marvel #1)

I really enjoyed Captain Marvel #9 and #10, so when I was browsing through my downtown comic store, I saw that they had Captain Marvel #1, and I instantly grabbed it. I figured I had to at least try it out!

Artwork wise, I’m not entirely sure about it! I kind of like it…but there are things that bother me as well, and i’m not quite sure I could tell you what. Every panel looks more like a painting, which is very pretty in and of itself…but I’m not sure it lends itself to storytelling quite as well. I don’t know. It just felt like something was a little off, and it might just be because it’s different an unusual compared to what I usually read. Given enough time, I might end up liking it (I almost always end up liking things that are different or quirky) but, given what I know about this series, I’m not entirely sure I’ll have enough time to get to that point!

Storywise, I enjoyed it! Its a very human story about expectations, disappointment, being a hero and meeting your own heros. It felt very human and very grounded. I can’t say that I liked it quite as much as #9, but it was enjoyable! And I would want to pick up the second issue if I can find it at some point! But it’s certainly not going to be a priority…it would just be nice.

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