This Can’t Be Good…(Superior Spider-Man #5)

Superior Spider-Man 5


Is this this the week of ominous endings or what? Feels like a lot of titles are going for character development that make you rather worried about at least one of your main characters. Or is this a pattern that only I am seeing? It wouldn’t be the first time 😛 Especially if I was wrong…

So this issue picks back up with Massacre just after the attack on the fast-food restaurant. There is really weird and slightly insane conversation between Massacre and the CEO of the fast food joint that was attacked (she can’t possibly take him up on his offer…right?…RIGHT?) Then we jump to Spider-Man and Uatu, who’s helping Spider-Man install facial recognition software in his spider-bots. Uatu isn’t entirely happy with this…it is a lot of power for one guy to have…but Spider-Ock waves him off and heads out. Not to find Massacre…but to the tutor that was introduced last issue! Where he gets fed…

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but about here I was scratching my head. I mean, I know that Ock doesn’t really do the legwork that Peter did and usually prefers to leave things to his Spider-Bots and jumps in when they give him the information he’s looking for, but this one got to me. I mean…it’s a mass murderer, and you’re going to go eat dinner with a tutor, who’s services you don’t even need? I think I was firmly in camp Peter on this one…but what can you do? It’s true to the character…it’s just not likable.

Then we go to the big showdown at Grand Central. The biggest thing I walked away with is this: Under what circumstances can Peter actually influence Ock’s behavior? Because we saw Peter get Ock to save a kid, thereby revealing himself. We also saw in that first issue where Peter stopped him from killing another villan. But this time, Peter isn’t able to stop Ock from shooting Massacre. My assumption (and I think the assumption that we’re supposed to make, because they do use the word ‘neutralized’ to describe him after) is that Massacre is dead now. I might be wrong…but he was shot point-blank and J. Jonah Jameson seemed pretty happy about the whole situation, so that’s the theory I’m going to run with. But really, why could Ock do it this time, but not kill the new Sinister Six in the first issue? Why can he ignore Peter here, but not ignore saving a kid? I’m a little confused how this all works…and I wonder if we’re going to get an explanation, or if it’s going to continue to be random? Because it would SUCK if we don’t get a decent reason why it only works some of the time…

And then brings up the next head-scratcher. We jump back to Ms. CEO, who is happy her fast food joint is out of the news, only to be confronted by Spider Man about her involvement with Massacre and her turning a blind eye (apparently she did take that deal…). And Spider-Ock sends a bunch of spider-bots in there to, essentially, intimidate her into giving herself up…and it’s just a LITTLE creepy. Ock is starting to step over the line in terms of what he should and shouldn’t do, in my opinion at least. I’m a little worried about what Spider-Man is going to become at this point…

Overall, I liked this issue! I though it was interesting – it certainly gave us a few questions and thoughts to ponder. I’m not expecting much of an answer anytime soon, especially with the summary for the next issue…that just looks like more of a romp, and not really a bigger storyline. Oh well…hopefully we’ll get answers soon!

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2 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Good…(Superior Spider-Man #5)

  1. GP says:

    Reblogged this on misentopop.

  2. andythursby says:

    I loved that the ending in this issue leaves us wondering if he actually shot massacre or not. Apparently we will find out next issue according to Dan Slott on Twitter. I’m very curious as to why Peter can sometimes influence behaviour and I expect we will find out, just a matter of when 🙂 There were a bunch of teaser posters last month that marvel released for the comics in April/May, just an image with 1 word and Spider-Man’s one intrigued me, reading this issue kinda points as to where we are going with this a bit. 🙂

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