Flying High (All New X-Men #8)

One of the hardest things about blogging right now is just finding time to put posts together! I think I need to come up with some way of making all of these posts NOT take so long to put together. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it! But when it takes a few hours a day, every day, just to keep up, something will eventually give. I will have to ponder on that one…

All New X-Men 8


Anyone who’s read any of my other reviews on All New X-Men knows how much I love this series. Every issue leaves you with something to think about, and even their “filler” issues keep you interested and entertained enough that it doesn’t really matter that they’re only filler. This issue was certainly no different.

We start with a great little non-conversation going on between Young-Warren and Old-(not)Warren. Since we haven’t seen a whole lot of either of them, getting a little character development in for the two of them is nice! Now, if you knew nothing about what Warren has been through, this would be kind of confusing…so I hope everyone who doesn’t know has spent at least some time on Wikipedia! We go from there to a battle against people who…work for Hydra? Worship Hydra? Are Followers of Hydra? I really wasn’t clear on that one…but either way, we get to see the two Warrens work together to defeat this group, with a little help from the Avengers near the end. And at this point, the Avengers notice that there are two Warrens…and they are not amused.

Jump to probably my favorite part of this issue. Captain America needs to have some words with Hank, but instead of sitting in on that conversation, we pull back to the rest of the X-Men who are watching, specifically to Kitty and Bobby, who decide to fill in the conversation on their own. It was an adorable moment that made what would have been a somewhat boring conversation much more interesting.

Of course, the part that had me scratching my head (and getting a little scared, truth be told) was the very end, where Warren was freaking out over who he had become, trying to send himself back to his time, when he suddenly stops. And there is Jean, standing quite calmly, saying that they had made an agreement. Warren needed to calm down, so she had “helped” him calm down. To say it was a little ominous…would not be putting enough emphasis on just how ominous it was…there is something very very wrong about this whole act. I’m worried for Jean. She’s doing so much, so quickly. There has to be repercussions down the line somewhere, right? Hopefully…

Overall, wonderful story! And the next issue, which looks like it will feature Mystique and a beast-like creature who I do not know, looks like it may get even more interesting…

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2 thoughts on “Flying High (All New X-Men #8)

  1. almeida77 says:

    Next issues cover features Mystique and Sabretooth. He’s the guy talking to Raven (Mystique) at the end of issue #6. Sabretooth and Wolverine go back a long way, and are long time enemies. They’ve been through a lot together, including the Weapon X, the program which gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws (though he naturally had claws as a mutant ability before that, but they were bone. Adamantium is pretty much indestructible).

    Jean stopping Angel if very ominous as a repeating motif for the character throughout every incarnation is the volatility of her powers. She was an Omega level mutant, which is pretty bad ass basically. At her prime she could have easily murdered an entire country with her mind if she’d wanted to. And that was before the Phoenix force took her as a host. This Jean is from before all that, but her coming to the future has accelerated the development of her powers, bringing on her telepathy long before it naturally evolved. The X-Men who have been through hell helping and fighting the original Jean are clearly scared that this new Jean could lose control.

    Originally Charles Xavier helped her, along with the other x-men, suppress her powers as they were out of her control. In the present, Xavier has been murdered by Cyclops, so she has no one. Rachel Summers, her kind of daughter from an alternate timeline and teacher at the school could help her but i’m not sure if Rachel is aware shes even there yet.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I thought I read something about her kids at some point in the research I had done…but I wasn’t sure if they existed in this timeline. I hope they can find her if Jean needs the help!!

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