Tony the Gladiator…(Iron Man #7)

Iron Man 7


Okay now, this is a little more like it. Good mix of snark and story that kept me interested! I loved the Star Wars comparison that was made at the very beginning. I loved 451. The battle to the death and the reveal of the final (??) fight was interesting, though not the most unique idea. I actually think that idea is a little overplayed. What’s really interesting is what 451 is actually doing…because he’s obviously not after Tony’s suit, which he said he was going to look for. What is the heart of the Voldi, and what is he planning for it? It doesn’t look good…but we really don’t know.

As always, still in love with the artwork and the coloring. Those are always beautiful in this series.

All in all, I’m actually looking forward to the next issue! I couldn’t say that just a couple of issues ago…so hopefully things will keep going in this direction, and maybe take us somewhere even more interesting…

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