Proving Ground (FF #2)

If anyone is wondering why these reviews are coming fast and furious today, I was babysitting a friend’s two kids last night, and I read a bunch of my new issues after I got them to sleep. I’m just trying to get through all the ones I read yesterday!!

FF #2

THIS was more like it – a wonderful second issue! We’re taking a team that is untested and unproven, and putting them into a situation where they have to prove themselves, and not only to themselves, but to the kids they are in charge of and the rest of the world. I really enjoyed reading this issue! The little moments were absolutely perfect! Starting from the countdown that we ended with in Fantastic Four #2, but instead of drawing it out for too long, we jump straight into a newspaper article that tells us everything we need, the kids that are reading said article and asking questions the next day. It was awesome! The kids in this story are portrayed so well – the questions they ask and the things they do. When the two were crawling all over Darla, it was utterly adorable. And really, “The Machine that Says Boop Boop” – adorable!

Then, when most people would be doubting this group, we throw in a villan. I don’t know if he was a big villan in the Fantastic Four (he mentioned that he was…but really, how much stock do you put into that? It didn’t seem like a big fight, but the characterization we got from Darla, the one character that really isn’t known, was good. I’m not sure if they convinced her to stay…after she said she was leaving, we didn’t see her anymore. So I’m not quite sure if she did leave, or if she’s still hanging around. I suppose we find out next issue.

Mind you, we got a surprise ending that may take the wind out of those sails for a bit…

There were elements of this issue that I really wish had been incorporated into Fantastic Four #2. The press, Darla’s insecurities, Medusa’s expectations…though I’m not sure that would have been better either…bah, I’m not sure. I’m just having a hard time understanding how Matt Fraction can be writing both FF and Fantastic Four, but I feel so differently about the two series. Maybe Fantastic Four will start to catch up? We certainly had an event in this issue that’s going to affect the Fantastic Four eventually, so they’ve got to be pretty connected to one another. Maybe Fantastic Four just needs a little more time to get out of it’s growing pains? We can hope…because if these two remain so interconnected, I’m going to want to read both…but if one of them really isn’t as good, I’m not quite sure what can be done…

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