Intro 1.5? (Fantastic Four #2)

Fantastic Four 2


I’m not sure, guys – I wasn’t a big fan here. It feels like we had another introduction to the characters…but mostly the characters from FF, not Fantastic Four. It almost wasn’t necessary. The only part that we really needed to see was that Medusa expects to be treated more like a queen (bowing and the like…) and the Mayday Suite (you know it’s going to be used at some point in the future…otherwise, there was absolutely no point in mentioning it). Outside of that, though, the rest felt like filler. It seems like we could have gotten those two points, and then gotten on with the Fantastic Four taking off and gotten into the action of them being wherever they’ve gone.

Hmm…yeah, not a whole lot to say here. I wanted more on our group as a group. I wanted their adventure to start. I didn’t want what we ended up getting. Maybe the next issue? I’m still waiting to see where this is going, so I feel like I almost have to pick up the next one…because I still want to see what they plan on doing! Oh well…until next issue, I guess?

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