You Can’t Win Them All…(Uncanny X-Force #2)

Uncanny X-Force 2

So I was really hoping this issue would redeem the last issue. There were so many good ideas and interesting possible story arcs. I wanted it to be something more interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a whole lot that kept me interested. The story still felt like it was all over the place – I’m not quite sure who the bad person is and who we should be rooting against: Spiral? Bishop? The fire-bear thing that is possessing Bishop? I don’t quite understand the little girl – I assume she was the one controlling all the drug addict people, and for some reason Spiral is protecting her. But we really have no information about her other than that…she’s just…there. It feels like we keep jumping storylines, between Spiral and Psylocke’s struggle that also includes Puck and Storm, Fantomex and his clone-girlfriend, and Bishop and whatever-the-heck happened to him. They’re not really tying together, so every time we jump between storylines just feels jarring.

I think this is going to be the second series that I fully drop. I’m just not interested in what’s going on. Maybe it’ll get a course correction sometime further down the road and I can jump back in…but right now, not so much.

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One thought on “You Can’t Win Them All…(Uncanny X-Force #2)

  1. andythursby says:

    I had high hopes for this series but I’m dropping it after this issue. I’m loving Cable & the X Force tho. 🙂

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