Bit by Bit (Avengers #7)

Avengers 7

And just when you think you might get to the main plot, you get…more set-up. Come on Hickman…you’re killing me here!! It feels like we’re leading up to something amazing…but the leading up part is taking so long!

I spent quite a lot of time on Wikipedia looking at the various universes of the Marvel multiverse, trying to see if any of the universe/station numbers at the very beginning of the story corresponded to a known universe. Other than 616, I didn’t see any. I’m really curious about the only other universe that looks like they might have gotten a signal out, so they may have also had their own white event, Universe 3281809. I can’t find any mention of it anywhere, so it’s probably not a universe that has been visited before.

Did anyone else notice that, at the beginning of the white event, the little panel with Hawkeye and Thor  shielding their eyes and looking up, it’s almost the same as a panel from the very first issue, which means this is probably a rather pivotal event (if you hadn’t already figured that out…). Also kind makes it seem like a countdown, because there were two other panels in that first issue that all seemed to follow one another, which can only mean the second one is coming up at some point…not sure if I’m looking forward to that, or I’m dreading it…

I was really intrigued by the little montage that led us to our Starbrand – the little moment on campus that all had him in the picture somewhere…I know I’m guilty for not noticing him in two of the pages, and even in the ones that I did, I didn’t realize it was the same person. It was done well, though I feel really sorry for him. Really sorry and really scared of him…because the fact that he has been ignored and can now destroy a world cannot be a good thing…

Artwork wise, we changed artists again. I’m sure this is going to be really common, especially for a title thats released twice a month. This specific team I liked, though. I though the art and the colors were wonderful. It looks like we keep them for at least the next issue as well, which gives me yet another reason to look forward to that one!

Overall, I enjoyed this issue…but the series as a whole just has me going crazy! I want more…and I want to understand what is happening! And so far, all we’ve had are little clues and random events that seem connected but its hard to figure out how or why all of this is happening. I’ve got guesses, but nothing concrete. If Hickman was trying to drive his readers insane, he’s doing an amazing job of it!

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2 thoughts on “Bit by Bit (Avengers #7)

  1. andythursby says:

    I’m liking it too but I want more! I think it’s tying in with new avengers with the universes ending, that or there’s 2 similar stories going on.

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