Digital Comics?

So I’ve been thinking about looking into Digital Comics in order to find issues of series that are really hard to find in physical form – I think it would be a good way to read older series and crossover events without having to scour the internet or pick up lots of TPBs. So I was hoping to get an opinion from any of you that read digital comics.

Where do you get your digital comics from?

I’ve been looking at buying from each individual publisher (some of the full subscriptions that give you access to lots of different series were interesting…but then you don’t actually own a copy of those comics), but then there things like ComiXology, where you can buy from all the different publishers and have everything in one place. I’m not quite sure what I want to go with, so I’m hoping to get some ideas off of all of you! If you use a specific service, or if you just have a general pro’s and con’s list, it would be helpful!


3 thoughts on “Digital Comics?

  1. andythursby says:

    I have the DC app and the Marvel app on my iPad, they both use Comixology, you can also have the Comixology to cover them both and the other publishers, i think that the DC site uses the same comixology, marvel too, but i know marvel has it’s own digital comics unlimited, which i’ve not looked into. The comixology apps have a number of freebies and Marvel does a free comic a week via twitter, but not seen that for a month now. The brill thing about the comixology app, (or at least the Marvel and DC one, i assume the Comixology main app is the same as all 3 look the same), is you can read on one device, then carry on where you left off on another. Also the publishers offer sales on whole series of comics or story arcs. Like DC just announced all Damian Wayne related comics are $0.99 for a bit.

    The only downside about going digital is that it’s just easy to buy them 🙂

    Also alot of the marvel & DC comics in stores do combo packs, so you get the comic and a code for a digital copy, as I’ve ordered some online that way. 🙂

    Possibly more info than you need there, but hope that helps 🙂

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