A Story in Three Parts (Thor: God of Thunder #1)

Thor 1


Thor is another title that I’ve been hearing a lot about – that a lot of people were finding it really good and really interesting. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, right? Well…it might hurt my bank account when another series ends up on my pull list, but ya know, who’s worried about that?

It took me a second read through to fully understand what I was seeing – Thor in three different times, all somehow telling us the same story about a creature, a god-butcher. Crazy idea…and wonderfully told. I mean, I loved so much about this issue. I loved the idea of three different timelines and I am so intrigued to see how they end up weaving together. Loved the artwork. I can’t say Thor, especially heaving drinking, womanizing Thor would be my favorite main character. But I loved the idea of these guys being actual gods, of answering prayers and knowing of other gods and other panteons. The story beyond the drinking and womanizing is so intriguing that I can forgive/ignore those things for the moment. I’m really excited to see more about this story!

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