All In The Family (Fantastic Four #1 and FF #1)

I knew nothing about the Fantastic Four prior to picking these issues up. I mean, I had seen and heard of Reed Richards a few times in other series, and looked him up enough to know that he was a member of the Fantastic Four and he was ridiculously smart, but that was it. I had seen a lot of reviews and read a lot of posts from other people saying that Fantastic Four and FF were pretty good, so I decided to give them both a try.

Fantastic Four 1

…well that was a nice, ominous first page, wasn’t it? Everyone in a spaceship one year from now, looking out and obviously rather scared, trying to do something. But there are no other clue as to what any of it means as we jump straight back to current time. Random question though…is Franklin supposed to be somewhat telepathic? It seems like he was dreaming about what we saw on the first page (a quick Wikipedia search confirmed this and gave a lot more info…good lord this poor kid!) We get little glimpses of all the main characters (though there are way too many kids to keep track of them all…). I didn’t quite understand the whole community center fight club thing that was thrown in there, but yeah…

The idea that ends up pushing Reed to go to space is actually an interesting, albiet depressing idea: that the entire team is already, or will be soon getting very sick. There is currently no cure. Reed decides to take the team and his kids on a trip through the unknown universe, in the hopes of finding something that would help to cure them all (are the kids sick as well? I wasn’t that clear on that one…)

All in all, I liked this issue. It was cute in it’s little moments and had a good amount of humor in spite of the main idea. It’s really an intro issue, so there’s not a whole lot to say. I plan on picking up the next issue just to see where this is heading!

FF 1

Hmmm…well, as far as introduction issues go, this wasn’t bad. I didn’t know who any of the characters they were recruiting were! Spent a lot of time on Wikipedia trying to get an idea of who was taking over the FF on earth (couldn’t find anything on Ms Thing though…) but not a whole lot happened here, so there really isn’t much to say. I think this is another one that I’m gonna need to pick up #2 just to see where this is going!

I loved the little pages of the kids explaining the FF – they were adorable, and they felt so much like kids! I was trying to hard to not laugh with Franklin making faces. It was awesome!

Outside of that, though, not a while lot to say. I suppose any sort of opinion is going to have to wait until the next issue…

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3 thoughts on “All In The Family (Fantastic Four #1 and FF #1)

  1. “Spent a lot of time on Wikipedia trying to get an idea of who was taking over the FF on earth (couldn’t find anything on Ms Thing though…)”
    Don’t feel too bad. Darla Deering (Ms. Thing) is a brand-new character so by reading these two series you know as much as everyone else.

    Overall, I love Fraction’s FF way more than Fraction’s Fantastic Four series. The thing that bugs me the most is his portrayal of Franklin and Val in Fantastic Four with Franklin coming off a little too whiny considering the character growth he went through in the previous volumes of these two series. Also sad that we’re not going to get anymore Bentley-23/Val interactions as they’re so cute together.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      Good to know – and that actually makes me happy 😛 I actually know as much as the rest of you guys about a character! I think that’s a first!

      As for FF vs Fantastic Four, I guess that’s one of the things about not knowing previous volumes – you don’t know enough about character development and everything to know what you’re missing. I actually thought he did a great job with the kids…they seemed like kids!

      • “I actually thought he did a great job with the kids…they seemed like kids!”
        His portrayal of the kids on the FF series was spot on and brilliant. I just found his Fantastic Four versions lacking. Strange that they’re both written by the same writer…

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