School’s out…for Roadtrips?(Uncanny X-Men #2)

I was really excited for this issue this week, after reading the 1st issue of this series last week! This was my first time dealing with subscriptions and release schedules and all of that, so this was one of the first issues that I actually had to wait a while to get (and a while meant…maybe 5 days? It really wasn’t long) after only getting a taste of what the series was going to be.

Uncanny X-Men 2

Okay, I’m not even going to talk about the pose or the outfit on this cover…I think you guys got enough of my rants on Uncanny X-Force, and those opinions still stand here as well. Moving on…

Art wise….well, I liked the first two or three pages. When Emma was by herself and just talking to herself, the artwork was beautiful. And then Scott turned up and the conversation started and the artwork slowly deteriorated…or at least that’s what it felt like. Each successive panel just got messier and messier. There were a couple of panels in there that seemed to go back to the finish of the first few pages, but it never felt like it lasted…until the last page reveal, and that one page was done well.

Story-wise, this felt like filler and set up for the next issue. I mean, we got to see a lot of Emma Frost at the beginning, which I found nice – seeing as I know nothing of her character and her relationship with Scott, it kind of acted like a primer for me. I was glad for it! From there, though, nothing much really happened. We had an intro to the school and the new students, a quick recap of the sentinels, a (kind of funny) gag with ball-pop boy knocking everyone over, and then we’re off to Australia to visit families to let them know their kids are alright. Of course, the big reveal (and probably a major plot point for the next story) pops up (or should I say down?) in the very last page. And that will make you excited for the next issue, more than anything that actually happened in this one. And no, I’m not going to say what it was this time…I’m actually trying to be sensitive to spoilers this time around, since the issues are newer…though trying to not say something is really hard!

I think I need to start getting used to filler issues – when you’re in a medium where your story has to be told in such a segmented way, they’re kind of inevitable (unless you’re REALLY good…and then your fillers don’t really feel like fillers). They’re not my favorites…in fact, I don’t really think they’re anyone’s favorites…but they serve their purpose and hopefully bring us up to more interesting stories to come!

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3 thoughts on “School’s out…for Roadtrips?(Uncanny X-Men #2)

  1. andythursby says:

    I know what you meant about the filler issue thing. I think the xmen comics suffer this at the moment as the stories in all new x-men and uncanny x-men run in parallel to each other.

    • cr8zygurl says:

      I actually haven’t minded the filler issues for All-New X-Men – they were entertaining enough. This one just didn’t do the same thing. Not quite sure why…but it just didn’t work as well.

  2. andythursby says:

    Yea I get what you mean, there were some good bits as you pointed out. 🙂

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