Once More, With Feeling…(Captain Marvel #9 and #10)

Captain Marvel 9

I’ve been hearing good things about Captain Marvel #9, and from everything I could tell, it sounded like a decent jumping in point. Also, I was still looking for my good female superhero story without any luck so far. So I decided to forgo my usual “Must Start At Issue #1” neurosis and picked this one up.

I have to say, the first thing that caught me was the artwork…and not in a good way. I’m pretty sure human eyes aren’t set that far apart from each other for a good majority of people. I mean, I get that it’s a style, but it was totally throwing me off for the first couple of pages. It just seemed so…odd. I eventually got used to it enough to stop noticing, but I’m not sure not noticing the artwork is good for a comic book either!

One thing in its favor, very few poses that I would send in for the Hawkeye Initiative, which is a nice change of pace.

Story-wise, I really enjoyed this one! A simple Day-In-The-Life sort of story with a little superhero-ing thrown in (though dinosaurs tossed into the middle of the street seems a little…out of nowhere. Does that typically happen in Carol Danvers world? She didn’t seem all that fazed…) But all of the other things going on, the cat that needed to go to the vet, the little old lady who she got breakfast for, meeting Wendy, the “Lucky Hat”. It was all really simple stuff, but really, I loved it all. I’m not even sure I can properly explain why. It makes the characters feel real, and that just makes the story more interesting and more meaningful.

Oh, and the ending…that cannot bode well…

Captain Marvel 10

Okay, so this one was kind of a step back, unfortunately. There was still a sort of day-to-day feel, but it didn’t feel quite as interesting. Probably because we were waiting for the medical issue that came up in #9 to rear its ugly little head again as we watched Carol fly and carry subway trains (I’m still not quite sure what was going on with this train – was it falling into a sink hole or a tar pit? Or did the tunnel collapse? I couldn’t figure that out…). You did have to feel bad for her, though. It was obvious she was trying to do anything to avoid thinking about it (why else ask the universe for a distraction?) but everyone around her kept bringing it up.

I kind of like Wendy – she’s adorable in a slightly crazy way. I really hope she sticks around!

Things took a big turn with Deathbird showed up. I had to Wikipedia this girl, because I’d certainly never heard of her before. I’m still trying to figure out why they were calling each other ‘sister’ (Deathbird had sisters…but how does that relate to Carol?). There was no reference to this on Wikipedia, and Carol is really only mentioned once. Deathbird had other sisters…maybe a bit of projection on her part? Anyway, fight ensues, and during the course of the fight Deathbird flies rather high, Carol (against doctor’s orders) flying to catch her, when something goes very wrong and she starts falling back to earth….and that’s where we end. Oh, cliffhanger endings…how I do hate you!

Overall, I like this series. Its certainly not my favorite style of art, but Carol is so grounded in reality that her stories are interesting and I enjoy reading them. I will probably keep looking for other female-driven stories, but I would definitely pick up the next one of this series. I really hope it keeps going like it’s been going!

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One thought on “Once More, With Feeling…(Captain Marvel #9 and #10)

  1. ladyilonwick says:

    I want to know about that whole sister thing too, I don’t normally read Captain Marvel (just don’t fancy her), but have been reading due to the Enemy Within event, and that whole thing struck me as odd too. I’m a bit behind still, so not sure if they explain it later or not (probably not), so if you sort out why let me know!

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