What happened to Predictability? (X-Men Legacy #6)

Mike Del Mundo is doing such a beautiful job with these covers, giving the rest of just a glimpse into the craziness that is Legion’s mind. I’m sorry guys, I know I talk about the covers every time, but really, how can you not stop and stare? I spent a while just trying to read every speech bubble…

X-Men Legacy 6

Anyone who’s been following the series has to say they saw at least part of this issue coming. After where things ended last time, the assumption was that either Legion or one of the X-Men were going to get to Blindfold in time to top Luca/Sojobo, and there was going to be a confrontation between Legion and Luca/Sojobo. Those things were obvious enough, and we did jump right into it. Legion space folds (btw…that was a nicely portrayed space fold…it almost looked like Origami…though I suppose that should have been obvious since the personality in his head that controls this power is called the “Origamist”) himself to Blindfold’s bed, and the confrontation starts. Though whether you call this a confrontation or a puppet game is up to you…Luca’s ability is to see into the future, and he’s taken steps to protect himself from the actions he already knew were coming.

Things start to go wrong when the Golum-creature shows up, taking over Legions body for a bit to taunt both Legion and Luca. This is apparently something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Nor was Blindfold waking up supposed to happen. In the end, Luca is defeated (though not dead…the eyeballs have flown off somewhere, so we’ll probably see him again…) and Legion and Blindfold get a few moments to actually talk, where Blindfold warns him not to “go too far into the dark”.

In the end, it was a story I was expecting, but it still managed to surprise me in a few places. When Legion was waking up and Sojobo was calling for help from the X-Men, I was expecting everything to end there, for the X-Men to kick Legion out and Luca/Sojobo to go after Blindfold again…until Blindfold showed up, awake, alive, an none-too-happy he was threatening her friend. That was a nice little reveal (and added a tiny bit of humor. The massive group of X-Men that were standing around, watching all of this happen, when Chamber jumps in with “Did…ah…Did we win?” – made me laugh)

The biggest reveal, however, was the Golum-creature that’s been living in Legion’s head since the first issue. We’ve only caught glimpses of him before now, though he was the one that put Blindfold into the coma initially. He finally reveals himself fully to Legion and transforms…into someone I don’t think anyone was expecting. I’m still having a hard time believing it’s true. Nothing he’s done or said up until now sounds like the character he transforms into…so I’m wondering if Golum is just some sort of shapeshifter and is just trying to torment Legion a little more? I mean, I’ve heard a lot of people say that characters don’t typically stay dead in Comics, and this would kind of prove them right…but I’m still not entirely convinced it’s him! Either that, or he’s just a much colder person in the comics than I remember…(and no, I’m not going to say who this is…I think it might be a little too big to just post up without a thought…)

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