You Call This A Date? (Hawkeye #8)

Okay, so I don’t know why, but when I was reading the blurb on the Marvel site about this issue, I really thought this was supposed to involve some sort of Valentines Day date or something…and that’s certainly not what I got with this issue:

Hawkeye 8

Hawkeye #8 did not disappoint at all this time around, even with me expecting something totally different. Honesty, that happens almost every time I open one of these comics. I expect one thing, and I’m handed something completely different. I love it! The story was as simple as ever (breaking into a strip club owned by the tracksuit mafia and stealing a safe), but as always, it was the little moments that just made this issue amazing.

The very first scene with Black Widow, Clint’s Ex-Wife (who is this??), and Spider-Woman (At least, I think she is…I’ve heard mention of the two of them dating somewhere, but I can’t find it again…Wikipedia is failing me!) and their reactions the Red-Head girls appearance (do we know what her name is? Cherry? Penny?) was amazing, not to mention Clint’s reaction to them. All contained in one page and I could not stop laughing.

Did anyone else notice, when the two are talking over coffee near the beginning, that Clint’s coffee mug was leaking, and he was dripping right onto the dog (who didn’t look too happy about the whole ordeal)? I also love that Kate is the one that dropped them off before hi-tailing it out of there so she wouldn’t be caught (does taking someone to a location knowing they’re going to commit a crime make you an accessory to that crime?)

I also loved Clint’s little rant at the end about how he was going to get fired 😛

The magazine covers were actually really interesting. The most obvious use of them was to give us little clue’s into Red-Head’s past. But I wonder if we actually got to see them in the right order (and therefore have the combination…) or not.

I feel like the ending of this really needed a “To Be Continued” on it, because there is more to this story. The first page was never explained. I feel like we might be starting to take our first tentative steps into a larger storyline, but it’s hard to tell. The Tracksuit Mafia and their anger at Clint has been running throughout, so that’s nothing new. This is the second appearance of Red-Head, but we know we’re at least going to see her once more. And if they really got someone to try and kill him….well, that could get interesting quick. I wonder what a larger storyline would look like in this series…we’ve gotten so used to little, episodic issues. Yes, there have been a few things that held from issue to issue (the tracksuit mafia, Kate, Red-Head, Pizza-Dog, etc) but nothing that would hinder your understanding of the plot. Having an actual overarching storyline would be different, but it’s too soon to say if it would work.

As always, I’m a huge fan of David Aja’s work, but I found myself really liking Annie Wu’s covers that were scattered through this issue. The style was very different, but they seemed to fit right in. I wonder if we’ll get to see her again on this series…

And on a totally unrelated note, did anyone else see the synopsis for Hawkeye #11 up on the Marvel site? No? Check it out here. Sounds like it is going to be hilarious!!

Questions for This Week:

  1. What is with the numbered Colins of A.I.M.?
  2. Who is Clint’s Ex-Wife? **According to Wikipedia it’s Mokingbird, Bobbi Morse**
  3. Are Clint and Spider-Woman dating?
  4. Who is this Iron Fist that keeps getting referenced? **Can also be found on Wikipedia**
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