Falling Down the Rabbit Hole (Mind the Gap #2 and #3)

I swear, I just keep getting more and more sucked into this comic…

Mind The Gap 2


One of the many things I love about this series is the artwork – I always think it’s beautifully done. I love the faces, which we get a whole lot of throughout this story. The artists seem very adept at conveying emotion through an upturned lip or a raised eyebrow, and I’m totally captivated by what isn’t being said more than what is sometimes. The fact that you can read between the lines of these characters actual conversation is a great testament to how well these people and faces are drawn.

The story is as captivating as ever. Between Elle trying to get back to her own body, the explosion at the brownstone, conversations between different individuals, and some of the goings on at the hospital, people seem to slowly start suspecting other people. I know the author mentioned that we’ve already met whoever did this to Elle, so you can’t help but try to read these people, what they are and aren’t saying and their actions, and see if you can’t sniff out who it is first. The author has also mentioned you want to play close attention to things going on in the background as well…so each of these comics takes twice as long to read! To go into all the suspicions that were raised would take far too long, so just let it be known that this story is still a roller coaster ride. And the ending…oh, it makes you want the next issue as soon as possible!!

Mind The Gap 3


The hints will not let up…Jim McCan is obviously planning a very drawn-out reveal for us. We get a few tantalizing hints in random places (one in this issue is going to have me going through every issue looking at people’s shoes…), but it’s never enough to give us something concrete.

I think the most interesting concept that was presented in this issue was the green Mind Room that Elle spends some time in during this issue. It’s where her access to see the real world is (through the fireplace), and there’s certainly something up with the walls. When she’s trying to remember something, her hand actually reaches INTO the wall, as if she’s trying to pull something in from beyond that wall. And then we end up with this memory of a doctor (can’t tell exactly who, but it looks like Doctor Hammond) holding a needle and syringe to her, which freaks her completely out. It’s a memory of some sort…but what it means is totally beyond us right now. It could be a simple as being traumatized by childhood vaccinations (my brother certainly was :P) but it’s most likely something a little more sinister. So many questions still running around…none of which are likely to be answered anytime soon.

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2 thoughts on “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole (Mind the Gap #2 and #3)

  1. bigglasgowcomic says:

    Read the first five of this series, but really struggle getting single issues so I’m likely going to wait for the next TPB. It’s an incredibly engrossing story, though. And yeah, definitely looks like the writers are going for the long game with this one 😉

    • cr8zygurl says:

      Huh, that’s strange. My two local comic book stores always have copies in stock. I’ve even got a subscription through one of them – I guess I should count myself as lucky?

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