Sometimes We Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover (X-Men Legacy #1 and #2)

So, originally, X-Men Legacy was not anywhere on my radar. I hadn’t heard anything about it, hadn’t really looked into it, and wasn’t really interested in picking up anything new. But then I kept passing the covers as I was picking up All New X-Men. Those covers had me floored. I wanted to know what was inside just because the covers were so interesting. So I finally got around to picking up a few to try them out!

X-Men Legacy 1

X-Men Legacy #1: Legion is yet another character that I have never heard of before (since when did Charles Xavier have a son?) I went ahead and looked up what I could on Wikipedia just to get a quick primer on him…so many of the X-Men have had such colorful lives, haven’t they?

The artwork within this issue is…interesting? It’s very stylized (I think that’s the right word…). But the story makes up for any weirdness in the artwork. You find Legion, who obviously hasn’t had much control over himself previously, trying and mostly succeeding to keep control of his army of personalities through the use of a mind-prison and the help of his guru, Merzah the Mystic. As a character, he’s endearing…you can’t help but root for a kid that just wants to do the right thing but can’t always trust himself (his mind prison isn’t totally without flaw…). Then, I guess, the series matches itself up with the current timeline in that Legion feels he father die and looses all control over himself. His powers on the rampage, his mind prison destroyed, we come to with his guru, who is almost dead in this sea of destruction that Legion created. And that’s where we end.

As Legion was loosing control, there was a flash over to some other X-Men, specifically a girl called Blindfold (who apparently has more of a history than I thought…must read up more on her later…) who either felt Xavier’s death or felt Legion loose control when Xavier died. Then she says something strange: “The old king is dead. Long live the new king.” What that could possibly mean is up in the air…but I could certainly make a few guesses!

Overall, I’m am very intrigued by this series…and I want to see where they take it.

X-Men Legacy 2

X-Men Legacy #2: Enter Creepy Eyeball Man. We don’t know who he is, or what he is for that matter, but he suddenly appears after Legion managed to drag himself away from all the crazy people in his mind and regain control of his body (though the scenes with those crazy people controlling his body were kind of funny…). Creepy Eyeball man explains he can “see” things and make things happen how he wants them to happen. He demonstrates this by flicking an icicle that, a few pages later, based on the sequence of events from that initial icicle, ends up saving them when a boulder is dropped on the head someone chasing them.

Creepy Eyeball Man then gets annoyed at Legion for not wanting to fight and tries to fly away, but not before Legion manages to catch a telepath in his mind and use it’s powers to read Creepy Eyeball Man and see a pair of twins who need help.

It was nice to see that Legion does have the ability to control his own mind…though it does take some extreme circumstances to bring him to the point that he takes action. The hope would be that, eventually, he’ll be able to take control of more and more of the personalities running rampant in his head. Though if this ends up becoming a “We’re tacking THIS personality this week” sort of thing, that wouldn’t be good either. We’ll have to see where it goes.

Overall, though, I really like the series, and I’m really excited for more!

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