Introducing The New Gang (Avengers #5 and #6)

This is the last of the Avengers for a while! I’m finally caught up with all the series that I had a large backlog to get through!! Whew! Almost done with everything from the first week too, so hopefully I can start getting to new stuff in the next day or so!

Avengers 5

Avengers #5: Its starting to look like we’re going to be diving into the backstory of some of the new members of the Avengers over the next few comics. Though if they all come out like this, I’m not sure that I mind. This issue focused on Smasher, a character that I had absolutely no knowledge of prior to this, but I think I like her. It was a really cute story about a girl who loved the stars getting to go into space and become, initially, a subguardian, and then a superguardian. You also learned that she has some sort of legacy when it comes to superheros – her grandfather is somehow connected with Captain America (would anyone like to enlighten me as to how?)

In terms of the main storyline, there isn’t much. We see that Stark is working on translating what Adam (who his now calling himself Blackveil) is saying. The most interesting part was the very end, when they were trying to find out why the Empire was attacked, only to realize their attackers were not trying to invade. They were running from someone…no, that’s not ominous at all! Definitely curious to see if this thread gets picked up and where it might lead.

Avengers 6


Avengers #6: This issue focuses on Captain Universe and the woman who was taken as host, Tamara Devoux. Honestly, though, that wasn’t the interesting part of the issue. While it was nice to learn exactly what she was, and parts of the reason why the Universe decided to take her as a host (going into Light, both of them dying – anyone else seeing New Avengers connections to that statement?), it felt a little flat, and I was really reading through that to get to the other parts of the issue.

The little side-story involved Ock/Spiderman taking food from Sunspot and/or Cannon Ball (I’m not quite sure which one is which at the moment…they tend to travel as a pair…). There’s a bit of an argument, where Ock doesn’t seem to be even remotely trying act like Peter, and then we head out to Stark, who is still working with Adam/Blackveil, trying to get a translation program down so they can understand him. But he doesn’t seem to be having any luck. They are then joined by Captain Universe, who can not only understand Adam/Blackveil, but can speak back to him. She shows Stark where he went wrong with his translation, then somehow makes it so that Adam (who’s actually been calling himself Nightmask all this time…) can speak in English. I’m not sure I like Captain Universe all that much in terms of storytelling…she just seems to jump in and fix things without any real explanation…just a snap of fingers or a few choice words, and everything is okay….like a perpetual Deux Ex Machina character.

Anywho, Adam/Nightmask’s first words to the group are ominous enough – there is a “White Event” that is coming – but at the same time, the sky changes colors, and there is something streaking toward earth. Oh yes…very ominous!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing The New Gang (Avengers #5 and #6)

  1. “I’m not quite sure which one is which at the moment…they tend to travel as a pair…”
    Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie) – blonde hair
    Sunspot (Roberto da Costa) – Brazilian with dark hair

    Both used to be members of the New Mutants along with Magik (from Uncanny X-Men).

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