More of the Appetizer, Please! (Indestructible Hulk 4)

Indestructible Hulk 4

So I’m starting to wonder if this series is going to make a transition – the story at the beginning of every issue so far that almost always gets cut off in favor of another mission, will that ever become the main story in the series, or are we always going to get little bits of it only to have it interrupted?

I loved the beginning of this issue. As morbid as living on an old Atomic Testing town has to be, it was really interesting to see how Banner was handling it – with so much sarcasm. I love the changes to the town sign, so that now the town is Bannerville, Population: 1. We get a tiny glimpse of who Banner is working with and who has the blackmail material mentioned in the very first issue. We know they’re (probably) in New York. Still not sure who that could be…but maybe they’ll let us in on the secret sometime soon.

The Lab Techs have arrived! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of them. What little we did see I enjoyed, and I really want more of them! Hopefully they will get more time in the coming issues. They are given a tiny piece of metal from Thor’s Hammer and are tasked with coming up with ways they can use it (Melinda has plenty of ideas, it seems…).

And then we’re dragged away from the good stuff and into the main storyline, involving crazy sea monsters and Hulk being shot out of a cannon (what was Maria Hill thinking?) along with R.O.B. (We knew he was coming back, right?) to attack Attuma, the leader of the crazy sea monsters. Anywho, even this was really short, leaving us with a cliffhanger where Hulk is being dragged into the depths of the ocean. Now, obviously, I want to know how he gets out of this. We all know he will somehow get out of this.

Overall, the single mission stories have not been my favorite format for this series. I’m kind of hoping we get an overarching story at some point soon, so that maybe some of the amazing tidbits we get at the beginning of each issue gets a little more time to develop!

Adding and updating my list of questions, because I’ve been getting a lot of good info from people, or at least looking some stuff up!

Plots to Find in Older Comics:

  • Scarlet Witch Depowering Mutants, War Against Phoenix Force – High Priority. This was mentioned in Hulk #1, but became much bigger when it came to All New X-Men. I’m going to need to find this info sometime soon! **House of M series (Thanks SM!!) and Avengers Vs. X-Men series**
  • What’s up with the numbered Colins of A.I.M? – Medium Priority. They seem to be spanning a few different series…
  • Who is this new Nick Fury? – Medium Priority. If he’s going to be a major character in Secret Avengers, I kind of want to know who he is… **Can be found in the Battle Scars series** Thanks thegothamrogue!
  • Previous Team for Hawkeye and Black Widow – Medium Priority. I think it might be the last series of Secret Avengers, and I wonder if something that happened there will be the reason they joined here.
  • What happened to Green Goblin that made people so surprised to see him again? – Low Priority – fully out of curiosity.
  • A.I.M.’s history – Low Priority – who they are, where they came from, etc.
  • Jean Grey’s history – Low Priority – This is something I should just Wikipedia, so I know what some of these random panels are referencing. – **Looked this up on Wikipedia. No need for an explanation**
  • What happened to the original Nick Fury? – Low Priority. Just curious.
  • Incident where Kate took over for Hawkeye while he was a ninja – Low Priority. It would be fun to know, but certainly not necessary!
  • Shield Command Structure – Low Priority. We probably don’t need this for most of the stories, but it would be nice to know.
  • Who Else was in the Sinister Six? – Low Priority. Mentioned in Spiderman #1 and #3, but not necessary to know. Like always, just curious..
  • Hawkeye’s Past – Low Priority. This is totally out of my own curiosity. You don’t need to know this to understand what’s going in in Hawkeye. It’s mentioned briefly, but it’s really not expanded on much.
  • Tony’s first experience with Extremis – Low Priority. It’s not something that it that integral to the plot, so it’s more of a curiosity than anything else **Fourth Volume of Iron Man by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov (Thanks thegothamrogue!)**
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