Godkiller? (Iron Man #6)

Iron Man 6


Oh…that’s right…Stark was the one that defeated the Phoenix Force (I think I remember reading that somewhere…). Considering that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in this series up until now, I’d feel bad for anyone that wasn’t reading some of the other series coming out, or didn’t already have the history from some other source. I think the only reason I know about this is because I’m reading All New X-Men and Indestructible Hulk. If you weren’t…this would be a confusing ending if you haven’t read Avengers Vs. X-Men. Even the banner on the top of the issue threw me off at first. I didn’t pick this one up with the rest of the Iron Man Series because I really thought this was a completely different series on first glance. Maybe it’s just me, though.

So, the concept of the Godkiller is an interesting one, depending on where they end up taking this. I mean, he is guilty of what they’re accusing him of (as far as I know), and who knows if these aliens that are, presumably, going to keep him locked up, are going to listen to the circumstances that brought him to that action. I was kind of sad that it took us so long to get to this part of the story, though Stark chasing after an alien does seem very Stark-like. I just wish that hadn’t taken the majority of the issue. Hopefully the next one will get more into this…and that is something that I’m really looking forward to!

So I don’t know if people are going to like me for this comment, but does anyone else think that the new Iron Man suit looks a little…bug like?  There’s something about his helmet, and how the change in color is only over his eyes and mouth…I keep thinking of a beetle! Yes, I know, I’m awful  But it always kind of throws me off…

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