And The Hints Continue…(Avengers #3 and #4)

Avengers 3

Avengers #3: And so ends our stint on Mars – Cap brings the new team of Avengers to Mars to rescue the original team that was stuck on Mars, with the help of a little Deux Ex Machina action by Captain Universe (though I guess it’s not really out of nowhere…she is an established character…just not one I know well)

I feel like what I read in the last three issues is like a prologue. We’re doing a lot of set-up and quick introduction of all of these additional characters, but we haven’t been given much of a view of the main story just yet. And I’m just eager to figure out what the main story line is going to be. I mean, I know that in the very first Issue, they had a quick panel of Ex Nihilo terra-forming Mars, which may be where this is leading. It was only one of a few things the first issue alluded to in terms of things that would be happening eventually (as far as I could tell at least)

I like the issue well enough. I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed the Mars trio all that much, but it was a good set-up to explain the premise and everything else that was going on. I’m just hoping that, after this, we start to get into more of the main storyline!

Avengers 4


Avengers #4: We really have a clean-up job ahead of us, don’t we? The six (seven?) origin bombs that Ex Nihilo sent down seem to be half of the focus of this issue. We’ve got five of the sites found and contained (as well as these things can be contained, I suppose. They don’t look that contain-able) and, in the course of the first few pages, find a sixth site in the Savage Lands (can someone please explain the Savage Lands to me? Its shown up in two different comics so far, and I’m not quite sure what it is. As far as I can tell, its a weird little section of land that may or may not contain dinosaurs). A subest of the group heads out that way to contain that site, and they run into a group of scientist from A.I.M (another group that seems to span from series to series…) who have, for some crazy reason, decided to extract some material from the pods in these infected areas and inject them into someone. That someone dies, then sprouts tentacles that start attacking the group.

The storyline above was interesting enough, but the part that I really enjoyed was the focus of the other half of this issue – a history of Hyperion. Maybe this is something other people would know if you’ve been reading for a while (I’m not certain how prominent he was prior to this) but I really enjoyed the history lesson. It endears you to the character just a little more, so he’s not just a face who’s name I don’t know.

Of course, the most exciting part of this story for me was the connection to New Avengers – Hyperion is from a different universe, one where his earth and another earth collided, destroying both universes. And the he was pulled from nothingness to the univers that this story is taking place in. If you hadn’t read New Avengers, this section probably wouldn’t mean much…but after reading it, it kind of sends chills down your spine. We’re getting little snippets of what’s going on…tiny little morsels that are thrown out in an attempt to satisfy you, but it only makes you want more. And I am hooked. Really, that’s all it takes 🙂

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