Well, At Least You Won’t Be Anemic…(Iron Man #4 and #5)

You know guys…I’m starting to have doubts about Iron Man. I mean, its not that I don’t like it…but I’m not as “In-Love” with it as some of the other series I’m reading. I’m not sure if I should continue or cut my losses here and look for something else. And it’s sad, because I really like Stark as a character…I’m just not liking these stories as much as I could.

Iron Man 4

Iron Man #4 – I’m slowly starting to figure out why I am so split about this series. It’s not that it isn’t entertaining. It’s not that it isn’t fun. But really, that’s all you get. This is starting to to turn into a formula consisting of the following parts:

1) We see the offending Extremis users about a year before, and get a hint as to what they’re trying to do
2) We get at least one, if not a few, quips between Pepper and Tony before Pepper brings up Extremis and what’s next on the plan
3) Tony locates next Extremis population and debuts new suit
4) We find out why said offenders wanted Extremis, which usually isn’t totally evil (though this specific issue, that could be argued)
5) Extremis gets destroyed

You always know exactly what’s going to happen because the same general thing has happened before. I’m hoping this is growing pains, kind of like Indestructible Hulk, where they’re falling into a similar pattern. But we shall see…

Outside of that complaint, it was a good story. As always, wonderful art, entertaining, etc. Nothing new to really address except for one this. The last page of the girl…was she pregnant?!?!? Because if she was, that could come back to bite us…

Iron Man 5

Okay, so apparently I spoke too soon above…This started off pretty close to the formula, then decided to take a detour to who-know-where at the end. First off, thank you Gillen! I needed a change, if even a minor one, to keep going with this. We will have to see how the next issue goes. If it doesn’t fall back into the formula, then I’ll be good for a little while.

We are going INTO SPACE! Which could be interesting in so many different ways. I’m curious what they’re planning for this one. At least, I hope there’s a plan, and were not just sending Tony into space just because 😛

Nothing much else to say, because it’s already been said – but I’m kind of excited to see where this goes now!

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