Man of Iron (Iron Man #2 and #3)

So I have this weird neurosis where I do not like to start stories from the middle most of the time. Nor do I really like to read an issue without having read the issue directly before it. I don’t like not knowing what happened when I open up an issue. This usually results in piles of a given series sitting on my desk, unread, until I find the offending issue that’s preventing me from reading the rest. Iron Man sat on my desk like that for a few days. I read #1, but I could not find #2 for a while. #3, #4, and #5 were all available at my local comic store, so I went ahead and picked them up (because, knowing my luck, by the time I did find #2, some of those would be gone too!) but refused to read them. I needed #2.

Last Wednesday turned into the day to fill in the gaps of my collection…I had put in orders with both of my comic stores because they both had access to different things. That also meant that Wednesday was the day to read a ridiculous number of comics from three separate series. Aren’t you excited?

…I promise, I will try not to be too redundant…

I’m going to do these 2 at a time and rotate them them with two other series that were also sitting on the shelf because I was missing issues. Hopefully that will help the tedium…for me at least 😛

Iron Man 2


Another solid story here – nothing amazing or groundbreaking, but it was a good, entertaining story. Tony is still Tony, which is usually enough to be entertaining. The fights were fun, if maybe a little short. There was really nothing I was that excited about, until the very end when they revealed Alex (you know you weren’t expecting a girl either…which is kind of a sad commentary…). I wonder if we’re going to see more of her at some point? It seems like they set things up that way, but I’m not totally sure. I’d like to see more of her. She’s obviously smart and good at what she does.

I’m still a fan of the artwork for Iron Man, so there really isn’t too much to say. The drawing and coloring/shading were all done beautifully. That’s usually one of my favorite parts of this series!

Overall, good story. Again, nothing great, but interesting and fun enough.

Iron Man 3


I, personally, think this story is interesting. Given my limited exposure to Extremis as a concept, I couldn’t see it as anything but a crazy weapon – why would anyone ever make something like that? Now I get it – it’s the ultimate medicine. You program the body to heal itself. That is an awesome concept…and almost makes it more tragic that most people see it as a weapon instead of a medical cure.

Tony’s new suit was pretty cool. Forgive the comparisons to Star Trek (I grew up on that show…) but it’s a suit with it’s own cloaking device. I was excited! And I loved Tony comparing himself to Black Widow…only to realize he had fallen rather short. It made for a nice little moment.

My favorite part of the entire story was probably the quasi-grilled cheese. All the exchanges with it were hilarious!

Really, Iron Man remains a solid story from issue to issue. It’s not my favorite series, and like I’ve said again and again, it’s nothing amazing or anything, but it’s a fun read from issue to issue. And what is a comic book if not entertainment? I’m happy to take that and run with it!


Plots to Find in Older Comics:

  • Scarlet Witch Depowering Mutants, War Against Phoenix Force – High Priority. This was mentioned in Hulk #1, but became much bigger when it came to All New X-Men. I’m going to need to find this info sometime soon! **House of M series (Thanks SM!!) and Avengers Vs. X-Men series**
  • What’s up with the numbered Colins of A.I.M? – Medium Priority. They seem to be spanning a few different series…
  • Who is this new Nick Fury? – Medium Priority. If he’s going to be a major character in Secret Avengers, I kind of want to know who he is… **Can be found in the Battle Scars series** Thanks thegothamrogue!
  • Previous Team for Hawkeye and Black Widow – Medium Priority. I think it might be the last series of Secret Avengers, and I wonder if something that happened there will be the reason they joined here.
  • What happened to the original Nick Fury? – Low Priority. Just curious.
  • Incident where Kate took over for Hawkeye while he was a ninja – Low Priority. It would be fun to know, but certainly not necessary!
  • Shield Command Structure – Low Priority. We probably don’t need this for most of the stories, but it would be nice to know.
  • Who Else was in the Sinister Six? – Low Priority. Mentioned in Spiderman #1 and #3, but not necessary to know. Like always, just curious..
  • Hawkeye’s Past – Low Priority. This is totally out of my own curiosity. You don’t need to know this to understand what’s going in in Hawkeye. It’s mentioned briefly, but it’s really not expanded on much.
  • Tony’s first experience with Extremis – Low Priority. It’s not something that it that integral to the plot, so it’s more of a curiosity than anything else **Fourth Volume of Iron Man by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov (Thanks thegothamrogue!)**
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